19 Valentine's Day Cards For Single People To Show You Care

No matter how hard you may try, you can’t ignore Valentine’s Day. The greeting card aisle has been flaunting pink and red since Christmas, practically begging you to scoop up a handful of mushy cards to dole out. But what about Valentine’s Day cards for single people?

I’m not going to lie to you, Valentine’s Day can be hard out there for a single lady. Depending on your current state of relationship, it can be daunting, devastating, and downright depressing. On the other hand, it can be obnoxious. Sometimes, it’s just annoying to see the flower deliveries rolling in for everyone but you. And all the people holding hands? Don’t even get me started on the amount of unsolicited PDA that gets thrown around on Valentine’s Day. What about us singletons? Sure, maybe you don’t need flowers, or a box of chocolates, or someone to hold your hand.

That’s where Valentine’s Day cards for single people come into play. Cards are nice. Cards are thoughtful. Cards have gotten crazy witty over the last decade. Cards can remind you that love is love, whether it's romantic, platonic, or otherwise. So whether you’re a single lady presenting another single lady with a card, or you’re in a steady relationship and looking for a card to give to your single friend to remind them that even though they might be alone, they’re not really alone, this list is here to save the day.


Maverick To My Goose Valentine

For your partner in crime, your wingman, the Maverick to your Goose ($4), because platonic love is just as real as any other kind of love.


Grammatically Correct Valentine

Because knowing how to spell things is the beginning of a lifelong friendship, this Their, They're, There, card ($4) is enough to stoke anyone's grammatical fire.


Obligatory Valentine

The perfect card for anyone who finds Valentine's Day to be a little bit trite, this obligatory Valentine's Day card ($5) is perfect.


I Freakin Lava You Valentine

Did you see Inside Out? I went with my best friend and a few weeks later, a card similar to this one arrived in my mailbox. It made my day. Make your best friend's day with this lava you a lot valentine ($5), it's sure to warm their heart.


Amazing Friend Valentine

Need a card for your single friend who's down and out this Valentine's Day? Look no further. This valentine for an amazing single friend ($5) ought to do the trick.


'Making A Murderer' Valentine

Nothing says single on Valentine's Day like referencing Making A Murderer, am I right? Gift this Making A Murderer valentine ($5) to any one of your Netflix loving friends and they'll be sure to have the best day ever. Or at least a day better than Steven Avery's.


Anti-Social Valentine

To anyone who would rather Netflix than go out to dinner, this anti-social valentine ($5) will show them you care.


Hello From Your Valentine

Because there's nothing single girls love more than a good Adele-belting session, this Adele valentine ($4) is sure to give any Adele lover a giggle. (Bonus points if there are tickets to her sold-out North American tour inside.)


We Should Have Our Own Show Valentine

You know that best friend whose antics are perfect for reality television? This card is for them. Because you should totally have your own show, but until then, this funny TV-themed Valentine ($5) will have to do.


Favorite Human Ever Valentine

Your favorite human ever doesn't have to be someone you're in love with, in fact, I tell my little brother that he's my favorite human ever all the time. This most favorite human ever valentine ($5) is perfect for your favorite sibling, friend, or co-worker.


Sister Wife Valentine

Acknowledging that you love someone enough to be their sister wife is a big deal. This sister wife valentine ($5) is perfect material for your bestie, whether she's got a partner or not.


Meh Valentine

For anyone who feels lackluster about this holiday, the meh valentine ($5) will do just fine.


Partner In Crime Valentine

Even though your forever best friend is probably aware how much you love them, it's always nice to get a partner in crime valentine ($5) to remind you just how much you're loved.


For anyone who hates Valentine's Day and loves Star Wars, this Star Wars-themed valentine ($5) will strike the perfect balance.


BFF Valentine

Because best friends share a special bond, including being able to have entire conversations without speaking a single word. This BFF valentine ($5) is the perfect way to remind your best friend just how important she is to you.


You Are Annoying Valentine

Another perfect valentine for a sibling, or a best friend that you're on a certain level with, this you are annoying valentine ($5) is cute and silly, with a dinosaur to deliver the message.


Lonely Starbucks Lover Valentine

Sometimes, you just need a little bit of Taylor Swift to get you through the holiday. Deliver this lonely Starbucks lover valentine ($3) to get a giggle, and maybe a latte, out of your favorite friend.


Valentine's Day Can Suck Valentine

Sometimes you need a card that just tells it like it is, and this card does exactly that. Because this Valentine's Day can suck card ($5) doesn't sugar coat the reality, your single friend will love you for it.

Emily McDowell, $4.50


'Hamilton' Inspired Valentine

And last but certainly not least, a lovely Hamilton-inspired valentine ($6) for any one of your history buff, Broadway musical loving friends. Because nothing says love like King George sending a fully armed battalion to remind the Americans of his love.