Joy-Anna Duggar Marries Family Friend

by Cameron Norsworthy

With or without babies on the way, the Duggar family still keeps on growing. The newest member? 23-year-old Austin Forsyth. On Friday, 19-year-old Joy-Anna Duggar married her lifelong family friend after three months of being engaged to him. The couple has known one another for 15 years — the majority of their lives — and decided, after four months of courtship, to tie the knot in front of their families.

In a post-wedding interview, Joy-Anna gushed to TLC: "I don't even know all of how it feels to be husband and wife... so far it's incredible!" Forsyth also added: "Finally being married to her is just a tremendous weight lifted off." The two are definitely eager for all that marriage has in store for them and the journey that awaits them. "I'm just looking forward to getting to share my life, it's good times and its challenges, with my best friend," Forsyth sweetly explained.

The Duggar family shared well wishes about the wedding on their website, celebrating the union and posting the aforementioned video to their page. "As parents," a blog post reads, "we could not be more grateful for the godly woman Joy has become, and the loving husband she married!" An Instagram from the Duggar family also showed a stunning photo of the couple on their wedding day, with a similar caption.

The couple's engagement story is shown in TLC's video below, clipped from their show Counting On, which features the Duggar clan:

Joy-Anna's news is not the only excitement worth celebrating on Friday. The wedding served as the perfect venue for — what else — another proposal! Joy-Anna's 22-year-old brother Joseph Duggar is now engaged to a family friend as well, 18-year-old Kendra Caldwell. "A surprise proposal at a Duggar wedding! That was a first," the Duggars shared on Instagram. Though, really it shouldn't have been that much of a surprise, as the two have been dating for awhile. When they announced that they were courting back in March, Joseph shared: "Our families are close friends through church and this has allowed Kendra and me to get to know each other. She’s the best!" Looks like things definitely worked out.

Courtship, engagement, and marriage are quick milestones for the Duggars. When they know, they know, so we might even see Joseph's wedding in the coming months. Joy-Anna's wedding came earlier than expected; They initially planned for October 28th. The Counting On episode featuring Joy-Anna's nuptials and Joseph's proposal is set to air June 12th.