20 Awesome DIY Gifts To Make & Give This Holiday Season

Ho, ho, ho! 'Tis the season to be jolly, eat a lot of cookies, and make a list of every person you need to get a gift for. And then get stressed out about how long that list is, check your bank account balance, and panic. The holidays can put the squeeze on your wallet, but they don't have to! Why not take to the craft room and work on some awesome DIY gifts to make and give this holiday season?

It's down to the wire on the gift-getting, which means it's the perfect time to pull out ye olde craft supplies and inventory you've stashed away in your craft corner. You'd be amazed what kind of gems (figurative and literal) you wind up with over the years. You'd be even more amazed what kind of killer gifts you can turn those supplies into, given a little bit of imagination, elbow grease, and patience.

Whether you need a gift for your mom, your babysitter, or your mailman — there's an easy DIY out there for you. Not to mention the fact that a handmade gift goes the extra mile, even if it only took you fifteen minutes to put together. The thought, the effort, it goes a long way at the holidays. So roll up your sleeves, put on an apron (maybe a DIY apron, wink wink) and get ready for a little bit of paint and glue under your fingernails. It's time to get crafty.


No-Sew Cafe Apron

This adorable no-sew cafe apron from Paper N Stitch is perfect for your favorite kitchen goddess, and even better — it doesn't require sewing! (Hence the name.) Whip one up, and experiment with different patterns for different people.


Paint-Dipped Flatware

For your friend who just moved into their first place, how about this perfect paint-dipped flatware by Lovely Indeed? Simple and easily catered to every personality, this is a practical gift with a special twist.


Stitched Clutch

Easy, quick, chic. That's what this stitched clutch by Paper N Stitch evokes. Perfect for a night out on the town, or a dolled up dopp kit, this gift is easy and versatile!


Scented Soy Candles

Haven't you always wanted to make your own candles? Try these scented soy candles by Paper N Stitch, and nobody will hold it against you if you keep a few for yourself.


Agate Stone Wall Hooks

The most beautiful way to organize for your accessory-obsessed friend? These agate stone wall hooks by Lovely Indeed.


Mini Picnic Tables

Mini picnic tables by Lovely Indeed are the perfect gift for anyone who loves breakfast in bed, or anyone who likes to set up camp on the floor, or in the backyard. Or, adjust the height of the legs and make it a lap desk!


Geometric Faux Metal Planters

A perfectly chic gift for anyone who fancies themselves a green thumb, these Paper N Stitch geometric faux metal planters will add a pop of shine and luster to life, even after the holiday season is long gone.


Dishwasher Safe Mugs

Who doesn't love coffee mugs? Better yet, who doesn't love adorably personalized coffee mugs? With a few simple steps, the girls at A Beautiful Mess have nailed down the foolproof method for making these dishwasher safe mugs, complete with quirky phrases to brighten anyone's morning.


Recipe Cocktail Napkins

While these recipe cocktail napkins by Sugar and Cloth are perfectly retro and knowledgable, you can easily change out the design and make this gift even more personal.


Fabric Storage Bins

One can never have too much storage. Mandi at A Beautiful Mess shows you how to make these simple (and reversible) fabric storage bins — perfect for toys, blankets, knitting supplies, or even use as a hamper.


Leather Piggy Bank

Give the gift of financial independence (or at least the idea of it) with this leather piggy bank by Lovely Indeed. Perfect for kids, or adults who like a touch of whimsy.


Oversized Tiled Photo Art

Blow up a sentimental (or just a beautiful) photograph to create a simple yet stunning statement piece for any home with this oversized tiled photo art by A Beautiful Mess. Attach the photos to a simple board to make it portable and reusable.


Trinket Dishes

What's one thing everybody needs this holiday season? Studio DIY's adorable trinket dishes. For keys, jewelry, change, or emptying pockets, these designs are easy to follow and easy to love!


Cutting Board Clock

Show some home state love with A Beautiful Mess' cutting board clock. Easily embellish or pare down to suit the style of your zany BFF, or your minimalist father. They'll be so impressed you made it.


Graphic Tees

Sassy, witty, quirky, Studio DIY's covered it all with these simple graphic tees. What's not to love?!


Polka Dot Bicycle Basket

For the avid cyclist in your life (or even the lazy cyclist) Sugar and Cloth's polka dot bicycle basket is the perfect gift to keep your friends and family looking forward to farmer's market season, even in the dead of winter.


Fun + Funky Hood Ornaments

Know someone a little obsessed with their whip? Gift them a few of Studio DIY's funky hood ornaments to further their obsession, and you'll be on the top of the gift givers list this year.


Poolside Pattern Kimonos

Is there anything better than being reminded that winter will eventually end when you're smack dab in the middle of it? Throw together a few of Sugar and Cloth's patterned kimonos to remind your girlfriends that sunshine is on the way! (Plus, they're super fun to lounge around the house in...)


Crochet Pizza Sweater

Another show-stopper, this crochet pizza sweater by Studio DIY is sure to make any pizza lover feel very OMG on Christmas morning.