20 Baby Names That Start With R That Are Really Rad

Choosing a baby name is kind of a big deal, if you think about it. Sure, names can be changed, but the name you give your baby when they're born is, more than likely, going to be with them for at least awhile. It'll be how people know them and it'll partially help shape their identity and who they are. There are seemingly endless choices when it comes to baby names, which can make picking the right one an even more daunting proposition. These baby names that start with R might help you narrow your list a bit and figure out which name you like best for your baby a little bit sooner.

Whether you're choosing names based on what they mean, how they sound, where they're traditionally from, a personal connection to them, or for some other reason, it can be difficult to get to that one that you think is the best fit for your baby. There are lots of great R names ranging from traditional names from all around the world to trendier names that might not be quite so storied. It's all about what you're looking for. If you think a R name seems right, these suggestions might be just what you need to finally land on a name.



This sweet name is a great one for your little girl. Maybe it reminds you of your favorite character in a book or movie, maybe it was your great-grandmother's name, or maybe you just like it and you're not really sure why.



Ryker might be a trendier name than some, but it could definitely be the best one for your little boy. This German name means "rich."



Ronan is an Irish name that means "little seal." It's both adorable and trendy, coming in — like Ryker — on Nameberry's list of most popular baby names (so far) of 2018.



Roman is another popular name as of late. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it's a Latin name that means "of Rome." It's a sweet name that fits a baby as well as it fits an adult, which is an important consideration for some parents-to-be.



Rhett might make you think of Gone With The Wind or country star Thomas Rhett, but it also might be the perfect name for your little one. Nameberry noted that Rhett is an English name but that it has Dutch origins and that it means "advice."



Rowan can work well for any baby. Parents noted that this name is derived from a medieval name, Ruadhan, and that it could potentially have something to do with trees or trees that have berries on them.



Rae also works for just about any baby. The female version of the name has origins in Hebrew and English, Nameberry noted, and means "ewe."



This name is perfect for a baby born during the springtime. Parents noted that it works for every baby and is an Arabic name meaning "spring breeze" or "born during the spring."



You can't go wrong with Rachel. Since Rae can be a variation on Rachel, it's probably not all that surprising to hear that it also means "ewe." This sweet name has Hebrew roots.



This name is so popular right now, but it's a great choice whether it stays trendy or not. Babble noted that it's an English name meaning "horseman" or "knight."



This name can either be spelled "Reed" or "Reid" and can be used for any baby. The Bump noted that this name is a Scottish and English last name that is actually a variation on a nickname. It means "near the reeds" or "red-haired."



This cute, unique name can, again, be used for any baby, boy or girl. Rocco has German and Italian roots and means "rest."



This spelling variation on the name Reuben is Spanish in origin, The Bump noted. It's a cute name that might be just the right fit for your little one.



This sweet, regal name is gaining in popularity again. Nameberry noted that it's a Latin name that refers to the gemstone. It's cute, but definitely has some personality as well.



This Shakespearian name is the name of one of the characters in King Lear. It's a Celtic and Irish name that means "little ruler" and is good for boys and girls, Parents noted.



If you're looking for something a little bit different than Rose, but that sounds similar, Rosalie might be the right name. Baby Center noted that it's Latin and, unsurprisingly, means "rose."



Remy has roots in English and French and is an absolutely adorable name for your little one. Babble noted that it's a nickname for Remington, so if that's too formal for your liking, Remy might be a better fit.



Great for boys or girls, Reese is trendier as of late as well. It's an English and Welsh (a different spelling of Rhys) name that means "enthusiastic," Parents noted. If you're hoping your little one is spirited and enthusiastic, this name could be just the one for them.



Rafael is a spelling variation of Raphael, which is a Hebrew name meaning "God has healed," Baby Center noted. If you're looking for something that'll grow with your baby, and is both unique and traditional at the same time, look no further.



If you're looking for something a little different, Rainer might be a good fit. It's a German name meaning "wise army," Nameberry noted, which means your little one's name will be just as fierce as they are.