20 Fun & Beautiful Baby Names That Start With "V"

by Mishal Ali Zafar

When you're choosing a name for your baby, there all sorts of factors that you consider. From the origin to the meaning, to the way it will sound when you call it out. If you are keen on naming your baby with a “V” name, your options are actually pretty vast and versatile. So if you're looking for the perfect name for the little one on the way, check out this variety of vibrant baby names that start with “V”. (Seriously, I can't stop with the V adjectives.)

It’s hard to explain, but there’s something about certain letters that make you feel some kind of way and draw you in. When I was naming my daughters, I was adamant that their names should start with the letter “A”, because I just felt so drawn to the way it looked when written, and the way it sounded. “V” is also one of those letters that can be scripted beautifully and “V” names tend to have their own distinct aura and warmth. I also find them to be pretty unique, while also being classic. "V" is such a romantic letter for some reason and your options abound for your sweet little babe.



Vander is one of those strong names that just exudes a sense of power and virtue. It originates from the Greek language, noted Baby Names, and means "good man" or "family of".



Short and sweet, Vera is one of those beautiful baby girl names that just rolls off the tongue. It means "faith" and is of Russian origin, mentioned Nameberry, and was popularized from the War and Peace character, Vera Rostov.



Vivek may not be a name you've heard, but being from an Indian community, I can tell you that it's a super popular name for boys. Vivek means "judicious" or "wise," according to the Bump, and originates from Hindi and Sanskrit



Looking for a unisex "V" name that is short and flowy? Vail comes from Old English and means "valley," noted Essential Baby, and can be used for both boys and girls.



A beautiful and classic "V" name for girls, Viola stems from Latin, mentioned SheKnows, and is the name for a flower. Famous namesakes include the amazing Viola Davis and the strong, iconic protagonist from Shakespeare's comedy, Twelfth Night.



Definitely a strong and unique boy name, Volker stems from German origin and means "warrior" or "army of people," noted Baby Center.



Looking for a cute, unisex "V" baby name? The name Vinni is not only adorable, but it can be used for both boys and girls. It originates from Old English, and means "elf" or "magical friend," mentioned The Bump.



The name Vanya is a beautiful baby girl name that has origins in Hindi, Russian, and Hebrew. In Hindi, Vanya means "God's gift," noted Bachpan, and means the same in Russian and Hebrew (spelled Vania), according to She Knows.



A classic and winning "V" name for boys, Victor originates from Latin and means "conqueror" noted Baby Center.



Val is a cute, short, and sweet baby name that can be used for both boys and girls. It's the shortened version of the name Valentine, noted Nameberry, and means "strength" and "health" in Latin.



A sweet name for your baby girl is Vida, and according to Baby Center it means "life" in Hebrew. The name also has roots in Spanish, noted Nameberry, and carries the same meaning.



A beautiful Hindi name for boys, Vivaan is a name you probably don't hear too often. It has roots in Hindi and Sanskrit, explained Bachpan, and means "full of life" and "rays of the morning sun."



Naming babies after cities has become wildly popular, so if you're looking to jump on the trend, consider the name Venice to tribute one of the most romantic cities in the world. The best part is that it can be used for both baby girls and boys.



Name your baby after a queen with the classic "V" name, Victoria. It stems from Latin, mentioned Baby Center, and means "victory". Famous namesakes are Queen Victoria of England, and music and fashion icon Victoria Beckham.



If you're looking for a unique "V" name for your baby boy, consider Voss, which is a German name that means "fox", noted Nameberry.



Another adorable unisex baby "V" name is Valen. For girls, noted Nameberry, the name originates from Latin and means "strong" or "healthy". For boys the name has roots in both English and Latin, and also means "strong", mentioned She Knows.



Truly a classic and delicate name, Violet is a beautiful name for a little girl. Characterizing purple violet flowers, the name is from Old French and Latin, and was popularized in the middle of the 19th century, explained Baby Name Wizard.



The perfect, cute and short "V" name for a baby boy is Vinn, and according to She Knows, it means "conqueror" and originates from English.



Depending on how you pronounce it, Vivian can be a gorgeous name for both a baby girl or boy. It originates from Latin, noted Nameberry, and means "life". To steer the name from sounding like "Vivienne", put an emphasis on the "a" so it sounds more like "Viv-ee-on".



With a name like Valor, your baby is sure to grow up to do great and noble things. The name stems from English, noted Nameberry, and means just what it sounds like: "valor."

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