20 Baby Names That Start With "Z" That Have A Special Zing


When it comes to choosing baby names that start with a certain letter, "Z" often goes overlooked. Maybe it's because parents are afraid of their kids being last when they're are told to line up in alphabetical order at school, maybe it's because all the "Z" monikers are at the end of most baby name lists, or maybe it's because people tend to assume there just aren't that many "Z" names in existence. But guess what? There are actually lots of cool, unique baby names that start with the letter "Z" — even if you've never heard of some of them.

When you think about it, the fact that so many of these names aren't already on your radar is technically a good sign if your main concern is coming up with something distinct. Of course, names have a way of getting popular, fast — which explains why, for example, my daughter Charlotte had no fewer than five friends named Sophia (or Sofia) in preschool. Blame it on the zeitgeist, I guess (yet another "Z" word, though one I wouldn't necessarily recommend as a name, personally). So if you're looking to stay on top of the trends, you might want to jump on this whole "Z" thing before it's too late!

1. Zachary


Probably one of the more common "Z" names out there, Zachary comes from the Hebrew Zecharya (a derivative of zĕcharyah) meaning "God remembers, memory," according to Baby Name Wizard.

2. Zoe

Another fairly common "Z" name, Zoe (also spelled Zoey and Zooey, as in Deschanel) is of Greek origin and means "life," according to Nameberry.

3. Zared

Nope, it's not just a misspelling of Jared — Zared is a name all on its own of Hebrew origin with a somewhat odd meaning ("trap"), Nameberry described.

4. Zephyr


A lovely name which means "a light or west wind," according to Baby Name Wizard, Zephyr is equally cool for girls or boys.

5. Zebulon

It might sound like the name of a star in some faraway galaxy, but Nameberry explained that, Zebulon is actually of Hebrew origin and means "exaltation or little dwelling" (little dwelling as in a small planet, perhaps?).

6. Zelda

First made famous by F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife, or the popular Nintendo video game, Zelda is a name of Old German descent meaning "grey battle" or "Christian battle," according to She Knows.

7. Zeno


Of Greek origin, Zeno is derived from the name of Zeus, king of the gods, according to Behind the Name. That's quite a legacy to live up to!

8. Zola

Apparently there are different schools of thought when it comes to the meaning and origin of this name, as Baby Name Wizard explained: Some think Zola is from Latin, meaning "earth" or "ball of earth," while others say it's a Zulu name meaning "quiet, tranquil". Either way, it's super cute!

9. Z'ev

A Hebrew baby name meaning "wolf," according to She Knows, Z'ev pretty much guarantees your kid will be cool for life.

10. Zinnia

A flower name (like Rose or Poppy), Zinnia is the name of a blossom that's particularly popular with butterflies, Baby Name Wizard stated.

11. Zane


A Hebrew name that means "gift from God," according to She Knows, Zane isn't just the last name of the actor who played Leo's rival in Titanic!

12. Zahara

A part of pop culture since Angelina Jolie named her daughter, Zahara is of Hebrew and Swahili origin and means "to shine" or "flower," according to Nameberry.

13. Zebediah

Another biblical "Z" name, Zebediah is of Hebrew origin and means "gift of Jehovah," according to Think Baby Names.

14. Zendaya


Rising in popularity lately (most likely thanks to a certain celeb of the same name), Zendaya is of African origin and means "to give thanks" (as reported by Nameberry).

15. Zenas

Traditionally a boy's name, Zenas is a Greek name meaning "hospitable," according to Think Baby Names.

16. Zadie

A variant on the English name Sadie, Zadie (or Zaidee) means "princess," Baby Name Wizard claimed (so you'll have an excuse for treating your little one like royalty).

17. Ziggy


Of German origin, Ziggy is a diminutive of Siegfried and Sigmund and means "victorious peace," according to Nameberry (though you probably associate it with Ziggy Stardust or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, the cartoon character).

18. Zuzu

Fans of the classic film It's a Wonderful Life will love this whimsical moniker, which can have several different meanings, according to Baby Name Wizard: Zuzu means "sweet" in Yiddish and "lily" in Czech, while in China it means "little pearl" (or perfect child).

19. Zander

A name of Greek origin meaning "defending men," according to Nameberry, Zander is a diminutive of Alexander but appears to be getting popular as a name all by itself.

20. Zamora


Yet another "Z" name of Hebrew origin, Zamora means "praised" (according to She Knows), which isn't a bad way to go through life, TBH.

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