Baby Yoda memes are taking over the internet, and for good, adorable reason.
20 Baby Yoda Memes Because It's The Best Part Of 'The Mandalorian'

by Cat Bowen

Watching The Mandalorian, I am 100 percent as confused as everyone else about the Mandalorian's motives, but there is one thing I am certain of: I need more baby Yoda. Like, all of the baby Yoda. I am obsessed with the baby Yoda memes, to the point where I am literally only going to respond to text messages with baby Yoda memes for the rest of forever. (Or at least until another cutie comes along.)

And don't come at me with, "It's not technically baby Yoda, it's one of hIs SpEcIeS." Do you know the name of his species? No, no you do not. Nor do I, but I do know that saying "baby that is the same species that Yoda was," does not roll off the tongue like "Baby Yoda." Acceptable alternatives are Yodito, Yodabebe, Not Gizmo, and SugarWoogums.

Baby Yoda is making the internet catch fire with how fast people are creating memes for this little guy. But honestly, can you blame them? When he raises his little hand to stop that huge creature thundering toward him and the Mandalorian, I very nearly perished from the cuteness factor. It was touch and go for the rest of the night, much like these 20 memes:


Send This To Your Parents, You Will

I literally just sent this to a boomer who was texting me about the perils of universal healthcare. To be fair, they were asking for it. I may have cropped out the top and bottom images of 900-year-old Yoda and just kept the "Boomer, OK," but that is neither here nor there. My point was made, and it was cute.


An Impossible Choice

Literally hated the baby from The Dinosaurs, so he can go. I don't care if you're the baby, I don't have to love you. You are annoying, your face looks like a creepy old man, and you routinely hit your father with a cast iron skillet. Yoda forever.


Been There

To be fair, baby Yoda is actually like, 50 years old, so he can drink legally in all states, but the aging process is different. I don't know if he can get into the cantina just yet.


Hard Same

Baby Yoda is my life. I have accepted this and eagerly await the moment that I can purchase a baby Yoda plush and never let it leave my side.


The Best Addition

I mean, what else has to be said?


They Both Look Great For Their Age

Let me be clear, while I stan them both, if I had to choose, I'm keeping Baby Yoda. Sorry, Paul Rudd.


Porg Is Pissed

Big question: does baby Yoda drink weird blue milk like Luke did on the island with the porgs? I am thinking probably.


It Does Follow Us

We have all thought this. I was sure that the moon was chasing us. In hindsight, I should have been more scared of that fact.


A Different Side Of Him

He did look real excited about this. Should we be worried? Nah, it's a tough universe out there.


Can I Also Get One?

I'm going to need a baby Yoda.


Not A Contest

Baby Grinch has a weird appetite and a bad smell. Baby Yoda has the freaking force. It's not hard to determine who would win.



A little bit of hyperbole, but I understand the investment in baby Yoda.


I Absolutely Would

He would be a wise, fair, and adorable leader.


The Exact Look

This is my daughter looking at my husband, trying to figure out how to put air in her soccer ball. She has so much optimism for about 30 seconds.


Finally, A New Version

A newer, better version. Take it and go wild.


A Road Map To Our Feels

I am beyond acceptance and I've moved into obsession. It's a thing I do when I see cute things.


He *Is* A Baby

I think Attack Baby Yoda might be my favorite.


Cowboy Yoda

OK, this one is really corny, but I love it.


Exactly My Point

Exactly, Nerfherder.


I'll Allow It

This checks out.