20 Super Cute Food Names For Your Equally Adorable Dog

Let's be honest, one of the best things about getting a dog is getting to name that adorable creature. But Spot and Sparky just won't cut it these days — today's dog names are just as original as the trendiest baby names. No, you can't just pick any old moniker for your new furry friend. You want one that reflects you, and if your passion is food, then you might just need one of these 20 best food names for dogs. Spices, cheeses, fast food favorites — they're all great places to turn to for a little naming inspiration.

Head to any dog park and you're likely to hear an owner calling for a "Bud" or "Jameson". That's because alcohol-related dog names are gaining popularity, particularly in Portland, San Jose, Denver, Phoenix and New York City, according to the Food Network. And in cities like Los Angeles, grain bowls aren't just a popular food choice, they're also generating name ideas. Quinoa is a trending dog name there, according to Rover.

Whether you're a health nut or you've memorized the pizza delivery place's number, your perfect pup name could be staring up at you at dinner tonight. Without further ado, here are 20 dog names all inspired by the things you love to eat.



For those who love a good slice, then Pizza should be at the top of your dog name list. And what's cuter than the nickname Za, right?



If you love a good martini or tapenade, then Olive could be the perfect name for the new dog in your life. It's especially suiting if your dog is of the Mediterranean variety, like an Italian Greyhound or a Neapolitan Mastiff.



Anyone who's lunch regularly consists of a few California rolls will love the name Sushi for their four-legged friend. You'll be in famous company too — Kim Kardashian named her pup Sushi.



Name your dog Basil and he or she will surely spice up your life! It's an adorable name pulled straight from the spice rack.



If you regularly 'Think outside the bun", then Taco is the perfect dog name for you. Getting a pair of dogs? Consider Taco and Burrito!



This sushi staple turned dog name certainly has a little kick to it. With a name like Wasabi, your pooch is sure to have a stimulating personality.



If you love bacon almost as much as you love your firstborn, then you know what you need to call your new pup. Just make sure not to feed your dog Bacon any bacon, since it turns out it can lead to pancreatitis in dogs, according to Food Beast.



Citrus lovers (and Led Zeppelin fans) will love the name Tangerine for their canine companion. This is a really sweet name for any fur-ball.



The name Sage can refer to the greenish herb or a wise old person, so it's the perfect name for the foodie owner of a soulful dog!



Do you regularly crave falafel? If so, then you've just found your next (Middle Eastern-inspired) dog name. For short, you can call your pup, 'Laf' which is just stinkin' cute.



Calling all fermentation fans! Pickles is the absolute best dog name for the brine-lovers in the house.



Sure, the name cupcake conjures up thoughts of a princessy lapdog. But it also could make a funny name for a big beast of dog, like a Saint Bernard.



If you're a bonafide cheesehead, then the name Asiago is perfect for your little shredder.



For the francophiles out there, the name Baguette is a merveilleux choix for any pooch. But, I can see it being especially cute for the baguette-shaped Wiener dog.



Are you living that gouda life? If so, the dog name Gouda is a total no-brainer. Plus, the puns that accompany this name are too gouda to miss.



Do you go nuts for nut-inspired dog names? If so, the name Cashew, or 'Cash' for short, is a premium choice for your pup.



Salad-lovers will find the right dog name by looking into their bowl of chopped greens. With a name like Crouton, your dog is sure to be the best part of your day.



If you love this protein-packed nut, or are just a fan of the wacky pistachio commercials, then you've just stumbled upon the ultimate dog name for you.



Whether guacamole is one of the pillars of your diet or you start each and every day with a serving of avocado toast, the dog name Avocado will definitely take you to your happy place. Arf, Arf, Nom, Nom, Nom!

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