20 Best Sensitive Skin Baby Products You Need To…

Babies have the softest skin around, but it’s also easily irritated. Because of this, you have to arm yourself with knowledge about the best sensitive skin baby products on the market.

I remember my mom’s battle with my brutal eczema as a toddler. Her war against my incessantly irritated skin involved more store-bought solutions, home remedies, and upset tears than I can count. Once I grew out of that stage, I became highly allergic to, well, most things, from cats to dust to pretty much the entire universe. My allergist basically advised my mom to plastic wrap my life. That wasn’t exactly feasible, so she went on the hunt for the best hypoallergenic products out there. (Thanks, Mom.)

When I became a mom, I quickly learned that even the softest baby skin won’t stay that way without some serious TLC. There are irritants lurking in the most unexpected places, whether it's between itchy sheets or on scratchy burp pads that leave skin red and tender after feeding.

Those are just some examples — there’s so much more you need to know about, from bath time to bedtime and beyond. Ahead, some seriously helpful necessities for every little one with sensitive skin.


A Towel That Keeps Baby Wrapped In Love

Baby skin is sensitive, but wet baby skin is even more sensitive. So, you have to protect it. This hooded towel keeps baby warm and cozy right out of the bath, without irritating their skin. It’s made of one hundred percent natural bamboo for softness sans toxic chemicals.


A Way To Gently Clean Clothes

Made from plants and natural minerals, this detergent packs the punch without any of the harsh irritants that disrupt sensitive baby skin. Even though it's gentle for your baby, it's still tough on your laundry. Featuring 10 times the average concentration, a little goes a long way.


Adding That Cozy Factor To Bedtime

Cotton muslin may be more common, but bamboo muslin is more breathable and gentler against your little one’s skin. This blanket has a high thread count and four layers of breathable bamboo muslin to keep baby comfy cozy.


Full Coverage For Sensitive Skin

Diapers are up against the most sensitive areas your baby has, so you have to choose wisely. These are fragrance- and lotion-free, and feature soft, unbleached cotton for comfort and safety. Your baby's skin will be left feeling good, thanks to the super absorbency.


Shampoo And Body Wash That's Gentle On The Skin

This two-in-one shampoo and wash makes bath time a tear-free cinch. It is free of parabens, fragrances, and dyes, and features such goodness as organic aloe leaf juice, and honey. Baby Bee ingredients are naturally anti-inflammatory and help soothe and moisturize baby’s skin.


Soothing, Tender Wipes

You can feel one hundred percent good about these natural wipes because they’re made of one hundred percent renewable materials, including a naturally soft fiber made from wood pulp (yes, really). They’re strong and durable, but also gentle and safe.


A Comfy Sleep Setting

There’s a lot to love with this crib mattress. It meets all the safety requirements you’d expect, and comes with an encasement that is totally hypoallergenic. The mattress encasement is made from anti-flame material without the need for harsh chemicals, and is impermeable to allergens and irritants.


Buttery Softness In A Baby Lotion

Baby’s skin is luxuriously soft, but it can also be incredibly dry as the moisture gets zapped out of it. Replenish their skin with this safe and feel-good, hypoallergenic lotion. It’s non-greasy, toxin-free, and made with essential oils.


A Natural Sponge For Gentle Cleansing

It doesn’t get more natural than this. This gentle sponge is super soft against your baby’s skin while being hypoallergenic and very absorbent. Bonus: It contains natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, straight from Mother Nature herself.


Changing Pads That Won't Irritate Your Baby

This bamboo changing pad liners keep your changing pad protected during diaper changes while protecting your little one’s skin from irritation. Made of 80 percent bamboo terry and 20 percent cotton, you’ll both feel better about changing time.


Linens That Feature Bamboo

Let’s face it, babies are in the tub a lot. You always need washcloths handy, and since there’s no buffer between the cloth and your baby’s skin, they have to be soft. These 100 percent organic bamboo washcloths are hypoallergenic, soft, and gentle enough for everyday use.


Spill-Proof Your Crib

A crib pad is an important way to protect your little one’s mattress from spills and accidents, but it has to be safe for baby’s skin as well. This one is nontoxic, made of organic unbleached cotton. It’s absorbent, breathable, and protective of baby’s skin.


Wrap Baby Up In Hypoallergenic Microfiber

There are few things better than wrapping a snuggly soft baby in a snuggly soft blanket — so long as it won’t irritate their snuggly soft skin, of course. This blanket promises all the cuddles and none of the irritation, made of one hundred percent hypoallergenic microfiber polyester. It's love at first touch.


A Bit Of A Boost For Sensitive Sleepers

If you’re a fan of the baby wedge and mindful of sensitive skin, this is your best bet. It’s made of soft and safe soy-based foam, and is hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Everyone can sleep easier.


A Froggy Friend For Baby

Have you ever considered how much dust and allergens stuffed animals trap and carry? Breathe easier with this cute little guy — he’s safe and hypoallergenic. Made of polyester, this frog is guaranteed to be gentle against sensitive skin.


A Delicate Burp Cloth

Just like spit up gets all over your shoulder, your burp cloth gets all up in your baby’s face, so it has to be comfortable. This high thread count, bamboo burp cloth is soft, safe, and hypoallergenic while still offering durable, reliable protection for your clothes.


A Comfy Dock To Kick Back On

This hypoallergenic hangout will be an easy favorite for your little one, whether they’re resting or playing. It is made of breathable and nontoxic materials with safety in mind to keep your baby snug as a bug.


Irritation-Free Nursing Pads

You don’t want to put anything on your own skin that will cause irritation, or if you’re breastfeeding, anything on the area that will irritate your baby. Thanks to these organic bamboo breast pads, you don’t have to. They’re safe and natural, and won’t leave anything behind to aggravate you or your baby’s sensitive skin.


Flower Power Calendula Cream

Made from organic Calendula Flowers, you can feel good about lathering your baby up with this allergy-free moisturizer. Lock moisture in after bath time, before bedtime, or any other time you need a little extra. This formulation features pure essential oils for relaxation and relief.


A Carseat To Duck and Cover

Carseat covers aren’t always the most breathable, but this one is made of hypoallergenic bamboo, so it promises airflow and comfort for your little one. Protect them from the elements while you protect their skin from irritation.

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