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20 Celebrity Parents Who Heard The News: "You're Having Twins!"

It’s always fun when there is celebrity baby news to celebrate. But when the announcement is of multiples, it’s twice as nice. And while you may not have noticed, many celebrity couples have welcomed twins over the years. In fact, here's a sampling of 20 celebrity parents of twins and some of their thoughts on what it’s been like to do two-for-one parenting.

While seeing a big group of celebrities we all know and love who've welcomed twins makes it seem like a pretty routine occurrence, that's because it kind of is. In the United States, according to Very Well Family, twins occur once in about every 250 births. And when it does happen, it may seem like random chance, but there is actually some science that backs up the odds.

For example, women over 30 who give birth are more likely to conceive multiples, according to What To Expect. Additionally, a history of multiples in the family, as well conceiving while breastfeeding can be factors that play into getting pregnant with two babies, according to Very Well Family. Even height and weight can make a difference, according to Live Science, with obese women and taller-than-average women having twins more often.

And while it's impossible to pin down how these celeb parents' twins came to be, they're among a pretty fascinating statistic as well as a list of inspiring moms and dads.

Julia Roberts

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Julia Roberts and her husband Danny Moder are parents to three children, including 14-year-old twins Hazel and Finn. In 2017, the actress told People that she and Moder are working hard to instill the right perspective in their kids, especially in these uncertain times.

"This is the time you have to rise as a community and as a household and as a country and try to make voices be heard. And that’s what I have to instill in my children, who are certainly old enough to be aware of politics and things going on in the world," Roberts told People at the time. "It’s very important for my husband and me to be honest with them and help them feel like they still have a voice for the things that they believe in."

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is incredibly quiet about his family, which includes his twin daughters, Danilee and Dakota. In 2016, however, he was so proud of their martial arts accomplishments that he posted a photo of them to his official Facebook page. "Here's a photo from last year, of my twins Danilee and Dakota, right after they passed their test for 2nd degree black belt," he captioned the sweet photo.

The actor did not mention which style of martial arts they were tested in, but he has developed his own version of martial arts called the Chuck Norris system, according to the United Fighting Arts Foundation website.

Steve Harvey

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Steve Harvey has four children, including his twin daughters Karli and Brandi, according to Atlanta Black Star. Brandi runs a women’s wellness website called Beyond Her, while Karli is a public speaker and event host.

Mariah Carey

Moroccan and Monroe are the fantastic names of the twins Mariah Carey shares with ex-husband Nick Cannon, according to TODAY. They pair recently turned 8 years old and their parents both celebrated with throwback photos all over Instagram.

Happy birthday Roc and Roe!!! You are my everything and even though you're turning 8 today (how did that happen???) You'll always be #dembabies. thank you for showing me the true meaning of love,” Carey captioned a photo of the family posing in front of a customized birthday celebration sign for the kids reading “Roc & Roe.”

George Clooney

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After George Clooney met and tied the knot with his human-rights lawyer wife Amal, they welcomed their twins Ella and Alex, who were born in 2017. And as for what they're like now that they're toddlers, according to Entertainment Tonight, Clooney told Ellen DeGeneres earlier this year that they’re taking after his wife.

"The other day I caught my son — because my wife is very, very English, very British — my son said 'zebra,'" Clooney said, pronouncing it the English way, with a short "e." He added, "I'm gonna fix that though. That's not gonna happen."

Celine Dion

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Celine Dion’s twin boys Eddy and Nelson are nothing alike, according to an interview the singer did with People. "Even though my young sons are twins, they are so different," she told the magazine in 2018. "If one likes to wear a certain shirt, the other one wants something completely different. They’re searching for their own individuality. It’s important for their emotional growth."

Angelia Jolie

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Though Angelina Jolie and her ex-husband Brad Pitt have split, they still co-parent the 11-year-old twins they had together, Knox and Vivienne. Entertainment Tonight reported on a special initiative the kids got involved in to try and raise some money. Rather than a lemonade stand they set up a table to sell organic dog treats at a local dog park. They were raising money for Hope for Paws Rescue, according to actress Sarah Ramos, who snapped a pic and posted it to Instagram.


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Beyoncé shares 2-year-old twins Rumi and Sir with her husband JAY-Z. She welcomed them via emergency C-section when one of the babies’ heartbeats kept pausing during labor, according to Hello! Magazine. As Beyoncé shared in her Homecoming documentary of their birth: "My body went through more than I knew it could. I was 218 pounds the day I gave birth. I had an extremely difficult pregnancy, high blood pressure. I developed toxaemia, preeclampsia, and in the room, one of the baby's heartbeats paused a few times so I had to get an emergency C-section."

Ricky Martin

Though Ricky Martin already has 10-year-old sons Valentino and Matteo, he told E! News that he would love to have all the twins. "I want four more pairs of twins," he once told E! News. "I do want a big family, but there’s a lot going on at the moment. A lot of work, wedding, so we’re going to put things in order first and then we’re going to get ready for many more kids."

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has credited her 11-year-old twins, Max and Emme, who she shares with with ex-husband Marc Anthony, as part of what keeps her feeling so young. "They keep you very young and running around, and I still get to dance and perform," she told Entertainment Tonight. "That keeps you very in shape and youthful as well."


Madonna’s twin girl’s Estere and Stelle were adopted from Malawi when they were 4 years old, joining siblings Mercy and David, who were also adopted from Malawi as well as Rocco and Lourdes.

Madonna told People that her older kids are over her fame and the younger ones think it’s funny when people ask them about their mom. "The older ones could care less, and the younger ones, they think it’s funny. Today my 6-year-old twins said to me, ‘Mom, everyone’s always asking us if Madonna’s our mother. And we tell them, ‘No, Madame X is our mother,'” she told People referring to the title of her newest album.

Denzel Washington

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Denzel Washington has been a showered with awards throughout his acting career, but the Oscar winner is pretty clear that it’s his kids that are his best work. When accepting an AFI Life Achievement Award he praised his wife and called his children “our best work,” according to People. The couple share four children together, according to E! News, including twins Oliver and Malcolm, both 28 years old today.

Jensen Ackles

The Supernatural star and his wife Danneel Harris gave their twins the cutest names when they welcomed the pair in 2016. According to USA Today, their names are Zeppelin Bram and Arrow Rhodes; the twins joined their then 3-year-old daughter Justice.

Jensen Ackles once quipped to E! News about the challenge of filming his hit TV series and parenting: "It's been quite the adjustment. A friend of mine says it's a slightly different gear, and I said, different gear? No, you put it in park, you get out of the car, you get in a different car, you take a left down a wrong street; that's basically where I'm at now."

Anna Kournikova

The tennis star and her husband Enrique Iglesias got their twin babies into the act as they cheered on their national teams during the 2018 World Cup soccer tournament. Then 6-month-old Nicholas and Lucy were dressed first in matching Russian shirts, then jerseys representing Spain based on photos Kournikova posted on her Instagram account.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband, Matthew Broderick, chose to use a surrogate to deliver their twin girls, Marion and Tabitha, according to TODAY. In 2009, when they were expecting their baby girls, she told Access Hollywood about the struggle to conceive that so many couples like them face: "Well, you know, we’ve been trying to expand our family for a number of years and we actually have explored a variety of ways of doing so. [Surrogacy] was one of the things we discussed with seriousness that had real possibilities for us.

Parker's twins just turned 10 and the actress posted a sweet slideshow on her Instagram to celebrate the special day.

Chris Hemsworth

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Chris Hemsworth previously admitted to GQ Australia that he is sometimes baffled by the differences between his twin boys, Tristan and Sasha. "I don't get how I can teach them the same thing but they be so different? Tristan is so athletic but there's not an aggressive bone in his body. He's the most emotional one. Whereas Sasha is like a little gangster." The twins are now 5 years old and have an older sister, India, by one year.

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris’ twins, Harper and Gideon, are pretty sure about one thing: they don’t want any more kids in the family. Understandably, it’s because they already have a great sidekick, as Harris told Us Weekly: "No. I mean, they have each other. They’re twins. So there’s a boy and a girl, and they’re super stoked together." Harris and his husband, David Burtka, welcomed their twins via a surrogate in 2010, according to The Telegraph.

Stanley Tucci

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The Hunger Games actor is married to Felicity Blunt, sister of actress Emily Blunt. (That makes him and Emily’s husband, John Krasinski, in-laws.) But before Felicity, he was married for 14 years to Kate Tucci, who died of breast cancer in 2009, according to the Daily Mail. The couple had three children during their marriage, including twins Nicolo and Isabel, who are now 19, according to People.

Anna Paquin

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Fans won’t be seeing any photos of Anna Paquin’s twins anytime soon. The actress and her husband, Stephen Moyer, are opposed to putting their 6-year-olds, Charlie and Poppy, in the public eye at all. As she told TODAY, “You won't find any pictures of my children. That's a choice we made very specifically. I want the right to say that they're not fair game." Fair enough.

Tilda Swinton

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Tilda Swinton told The Guardian in 2011 how surprised she was by the emotion she felt when she gave birth to her twins, Honor and Xavier, who are now 21. “But I remember noticing, when I had my babies, how much I liked them, and not just loved them, but I was really into them. I knew I was going to be curious about them, and up for the mayhem ahead. But at the same time I remember noticing I was relieved this thing was present in me. And I hadn't [realized] there might be a doubt. I thought it was going to be automatic – and something in me said, 'No, you're really lucky here.'"

Of course, the most important thing isn't who these kids have been born to, but that they've arrived into loving and supportive families.