20 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Once Married

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Social media can make celebrity news feel overwhelming sometimes. Every part of the internet conspires to make it seem like you know every facet of a celebrity's life whether you want to or not. These 20 celebs you didn't know were married are the exception to that rule, however. Sometimes you just can't dodge engagement announcements or baby names, but there are the odd celebs who have become experts at flying under the radar. Maybe they got married before they became hugely famous or maybe they're just excellent at keeping secrets, but either way it's a major surprise to find out they tied the knot.

There are some couples who have unexpectedly been together for a very long time but didn't actually take a walk down the aisle, like John Corbett and Bo Derek, who I was not aware even knew each other. Other couples are newer and generally pretty lowkey, so their shift in marital status might not have registered as big news. If you're a pop culture expert then some of these names might be old news to you, but why not test your knowledge by checking them out?

Click through this list of celebrities you didn't know were married to see just how well you know the nuptials of the rich and famous.

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