20 Educational Shows On Netflix You Can Let Your Kids Watch Worry Free

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Between The Magic School Bus, Ask The Storybots, Sid The Science Kid, and more, Netflix has many educational shows your child can watch right now. In fact, Netflix has a host of enlightening and entertaining series for children of all ages, which is good news for parents who are, rightly, picky about what their kids watch and want to ensure their little ones are learning something fun and interesting while they also enjoy some screen time.

Whether it's a wildlife documentary like If I Were An Animal or Night On Earth, a deep dive into history's most-notable figures, an opportunity to build vocabulary like you'll find in Jim Henson's Word Party, or a series that sparks an interest in science with The Cat In The Hat, parents are sure to find something suitable for their children on Netflix. And thanks to Netflix's status as a commercial-free streaming subscription, parents don't have to worry about what children might see during commercial breaks.

So when you're in need of a break and want to make sure your kids' screen time sparks learning, nurtures their curiosity, and inspires imaginative play, consider adding one of these 20 educational shows to your child's Netflix queue.

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