20 Hilarious Holiday Cards On Etsy That Are, TBH, Better Than Most Gifts

Opening holiday cards is one of the underrated joys of the season. I love getting cards in the mail every year and seeing which ones everybody picked out. They tend to vary between sweet, scenic landscapes with sentimental messages, or photo cards with the latest family portraits. I can say for sure that I've never received a card quite like any of the ones on this list, but I'd definitely love to. There are tons of absolutely hilarious holiday cards from Etsy that will totally crack you up, and maybe even make you blush.

Sending holiday cards is a lot of work, and you'll definitely get a hand cramp from addressing all those envelopes and signing your name over and over again. If you're anything like me, you'll find yourself rushing to get them to the post office at the last possible minute. But connecting with someone you maybe haven't spoken to in a while and putting a smile on their face is a pretty good holiday reward. And if you send one of these cards, that smile just might turn into a belly laugh.

Here are 20 holiday cards that will make even the Grinches and Scrooges on your mailing list giggle.


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