20 Hilarious (Including Some Inappropriate) Father's Day Cards From Etsy

Father's Day is coming at us as fast as those bad reviews of the Game of Thrones finale hit Facebook. And while I think we can probably all agree that men tend to need a bit more help finding a gift for Mother's Day than we do for Father's Day; if you're anything like me, you've yet to check his gift off your never-ending to-do list. It all starts with the card, and though you can certainly go the sentimental route, they don't call 'em "dad jokes" for nothing, so I suggest first finding a hilarious Father's Day card to get ready for June 16.

Whether you need one for your own dad, your partner, or another father-figure in your life, Etsy is a great place to score the perfect funny card without having to scour the aisles of your local store, elbowing for space while trying to keep your toddler from pulling out every. single. envelope. within arm's reach.

Etsy is chock-full of handmade and unique Father's Day cards, many of which ship for free. And not only will they bring a smile to dad's face, they'll also remind you just how important it is to laugh along with him because let's face it: Parenting requires laughter, especially as you brace yourself for summer break.