20 Genius Amazon Products That Make The Grossest Parenting Tasks Easier

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Bodily fluids and huge messes are par for the course when you're a parent — but products that can eliminate the grossness of changing diapers and cleaning mysterious stains make parenthood a whole lot easier. Instead of spending time obsessing over "gross" things that happen when you have a little one, these gross but necessary products for parents on Amazon help prevent the spills, leaks, and diaper blowouts that have become just another part of your day.

Even after you've accepted the challenge of changing hundreds of diapers, clipping minuscule toenails, zapping boogers from noses, and teaching your child to pee standing up, you still have to do those tasks. These genius products not only allow you to get through gross tasks without gagging, but also save busy parents a ton of time.

After a few months (or even weeks) of taking care of a baby, everything parents think of as gross when it relates to parenthood becomes no biggie. Some people say you'll even miss the drool and leaky nursing breasts one day, so hang in there. But, in the meantime, here are 20 products that can help you get past the ick factor that is parenting a tiny human.

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