20 Genius Gifts For Kids That Actually Make Mom’s…

by Bianca Mendez

No matter how obnoxious, loud, or downright terrible some toys can be, there are others that are complete lifesavers. Case in point: the clever gifts for kids that actually make mom's life easier. Don't be fooled by the exterior of these products. They may look cute and playful, but they're secret weapons to help you out with this whole parenting thing.

Although they look like toys, these gifts are just as much for the moms as they are for the kids. Having trouble getting your baby to sleep? It's worth checking out the stuffed animal that's a sleep soother for babies in disguise. Your kid won't eat? Check out the dinner tray that turns eating into a fun game that they just have to win. Need some help while you do your household chores? An activity mat will keep your baby entertained while you go about your business. See? Fun and helpful. These clever products for new (and veteran) moms are sure to make life less stressful at home.

Whether you're shopping for your own kid, family, or friends, you can't go wrong with this selection. These baby and toddler products make parenting easier by getting the little ones to perform the most mundane tasks or by simply entertaining them. Happy gift shopping.


A Dinner Plate For Picky Eaters


Fred & Friends DINNER WINNER Kids' Dinner Tray, $19, Amazon

What's the secret to getting your kids to eat their dinner? Make a game out of it. This dinner tray will encourage your kids to eat everything off their plate by spilling words of encouragement. The tray divides dinner into eight portions so your kid can eat their way to the finish line. Genius, right?


A Stuffed Animal That Doubles As A Night Light


SwaddleMe Slumber Buddies Soother, $25, Amazon

This night light provides a friendly face for toddlers who are afraid of the dark. While kids will love the stuffed animal appearance, the starry light projection will make them less scared of sleeping alone, and the soothers will calm them down. It's a great toy for parents who are trying to get their kids to sleep in their own bed.


A Cute Bath Towel To Get Water-Loving Kiddos Out Of The Tub


Carter's Hooded Bath Towel, $18, Amazon

If your baby loves bath time, then this elephant towel will encourage your little one to get out. It's made from soft terry cloth, which will keep keeping them snugged and warm. Plus, the elephant face will trick them into thinking it's another stuffed animal.


A Fun Teething Ring and Toothbrush


Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether, $9, Amazon

For babies, brushing their teeth may not be the most thrilling activity. This training toothbrush gets little ones into the habit of practicing good oral hygiene early. The thick bristles are gentle on baby teeth and even soothes teething gums. Plus it's shaped like a banana, disguising the toothbrush as a toy.


A Rubber Duckie Thermometer


Duckymeter, $13, Amazon

For baby, this is just an adorable rubber duckie for bath time play. But for moms, it's a thermometer that checks the bath water temperature to ensure that it's just right. Hear that? That's the sign of relief from moms who were always nervous about the water being way too hot.


A Play Set That Fosters A Love For Tidying Up


"Little Helper" Cleaning Trolley, $70, Amazon

It's never too early to encourage kids to clean up after themselves. This play set includes a pretend vacuum cleaner, broom, mop, dust pan, and other cleaning tools to encourage health habits. Have your kids pull out these tools when it's time to clean up, and soon enough, you won't have to tell them.


A Carseat Toy For Road Tripping Babies


O Ball Flex 'n Go Activity Arch Take-Along Toy, $17, Amazon

This toy will prevent any baby from fussing during a long car ride. Attach this fun accessory onto the top of the carseat, and your baby will be entertained by the toy's rattles and loops. Now, you can head to your destination at peace.


A Splashing Toy That Makes Bath Time More Fun

Ducks Baby Bath Toy, $10, Amazon

Does your kid absolutely hate taking a bath? This toy will change their mind, as they become entertained by pumping and squirting water from this duck toy. Now, the bigger challenge will be getting your kid out of the bath.


A Stuffed Animal And Pacifier In One


Wubbanub Fox, $14, Amazon

Never deal with a lost pacifier situation again. This adorable stuffed animal latches on to your baby's pacifier, and doubles as a toy at the same time.


A Mat That Sharpens Motor Skills While You Do Other Things


Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Musical Activity Gym, $25, Amazon

While mom is busy working or doing other household chores, this activity gym will keep baby entertained. Featuring five toys that clip off (plus other modes of play and music), this mat will stimulate sound and hearing senses, while sharpening motor skills.


A Soothing Mobile For Fussy Sleepers


Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile, $44, Amazon

This animal-themed mobile will make the whole bedtime process go smoothly. Four plush toys will keep your baby engaged in play until you activate the 20 minutes of lullabies to soothe them to sleep. There's even a projection feature that appears on the ceiling.


A Stuffed Animal That Doubles As A Soother


Fisher-Price Snugapuppy Calming Vibrations Soother, $10, Amazon

This cute stuffed animal is your lifesaver for dealing with a fussy baby. To your kid, it's just a plain ole' stuffed animal, but this snugapuppy also activates ten minutes of hums and other soothing sounds to calm your baby down. A must-have for nap or bedtime.


A Toy That Doubles As Teething Rings

Stackable Teething Rings Set, $22, Amazon

While your baby will be obsessed with stacking and re-stacking these colorful rings, you'll be happy to know that they double as teething rings. So when your baby begins to fuss, just hand them one of these to soothe their pain. Crisis averted.


An Interactive Stroller Toy

Infantino Topsy Turtle Mirror Pal, $8, Amazon

This clip-on toy straps onto strollers and carseats for on-the-go play. The bright colors and rattling noises stimulate your baby's senses, and it serves its purpose anytime you're out of the house with your little one.


Adorable Muppet Utensils To Make Feedings Fun


Munchkin Sesame Street Toddler Fork and Spoon, $3, Amazon

If you have a kid who refuses to eat with a spoon or fork, then these Elmo utensils may change their mind. Your little one will think they're a new action figure, but in reality, they're teaching your kid how to eat on their own. Leave it to Elmo to encourage proper dining etiquette.


A Companion For Running Errands


Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Activity Toy, $19, Amazon

Running errands can bring out the worst in kids (I don't blame them, errands running is boring). While you grocery shop in peace, bring this adorable elephant toy along to distract your baby. This plush rattles and crinkles and comes with a bandana to use as a teething ring. Just think, you'll owe your life and sanity to a stuffed elephant.


Some Soothing Toys


Fisher-Price Comfort Curve Bounce Seat, $32, Amazon

Whether you're taking a shower or cooking, this bounce seat will ensure that your kid is entertained and safe. It comes with a raccoon spinner and deer clacker to stimulate your kid's senses and improve grip and motor development. It even has a vibrating sensation to help soothe your baby, while you go do your thing.


A Singing Toothbrush For Big Kids


Kids Electric Toothbrush, $22, Amazon

Some kids need extra motivation to brush their teeth. This electric toothbrush will put kids in the spirit, with song. For two minutes, this toothbrush will play nursery rhymes until the auto-timer goes off, letting kids know that their brushing time is done. It's also rechargeable, so no batteries included.


A Bath Toy To Distract Bath Haters


Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toy, $7, Amazon

This adorable octopus toy wants to bring fun to your kid's bath. It comes with three rings for your kid to toss onto the tentacles. And unlike other bath toys, it doesn't mold. Win.


A Teeth Brushing Coach


BrushyBall: The Toothbrush Timer and Training Coach, $30, Amazon

This handsome teeth model teaches kids the correct way to brush their chompers. He sings and lights up, directing kids where to brush, encouraging kids to focus on every surface of his mouth. Before you know it, your kids will get super excited about teeth brushing.

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