OK, These 20 Halloween Birthday Party Ideas Are Legit Amazing

by Kristina Johnson

Having a birthday around a holiday has the potential to be a bit of a downer. What should be two separate days of festivities tends to get lumped together into just one day of celebration (I know this from personal experience, as my mid-March birthday cupcakes always ended up being dyed minty green in honor of St. Patrick's Day). And while that can certainly get old (pun intended), there's also an awesome upside to a holiday birthday: a fun built-in theme to make the day doubly awesome. There are so many amazing Halloween birthday party ideas to celebrate October babies and throw the spookiest Halloween party ever, too.

When you think Halloween, you probably think of pumpkins, an orange and black color combo, and oh so much sugar and candy. But there are so many creative food, drink, and decor ideas to take your party to another level. Most of these ideas will work whether you're throwing a child's birthday party or hosting an adult celebration. And best of all, many of them involve such simple DIY tricks that pretty much anyone can duplicate them without worrying about it turning into a Pinterest fail.

Here are 20 amazing ideas to throw the best Halloween birthday bash ever.


Frankenstein Cake

A Halloween birthday party needs the perfect Halloween birthday cake. @tru3bl00d turned a simple sheet cake into an adorable Frankenstein with lots of icing and a little food coloring.


Mummy Dogs

The Gala Girls

Heidi and Patty from The Gala Girls blog gave pigs in a blanket an adorable Halloween twist. They used the dough to turn these cocktail weiners into yummy little mummies.


Severed Finger Hot Dogs

Mummy dogs aren't the only option for hot dogs. @amjordan99 served up these severed finger hot dogs, and to be honest, they are way too realistic looking for my appetite.


Spooky Decor

@Amyalex1 used caution tape to lend a haunted house vibe to her party. Encouraging wandering guests to stay out of off-limits areas is another plus.


Tin Can Game

Maggy/Red Ted Art

What's a birthday party without some party games? Maggy from Red Ted Art used a little bit of paint turns these cans into Halloween monsters for a DIY game of bowling.


Dirt Cups

Jenae/I Can Teach Your Child

It may look like mud and dirt, but blogger Jenae from I Can Teach My Child whipped us this delicious Halloween dessert which is actually just cookie crumbs and chocolate pudding.


Eyeball Cookies

Halloween is a day to indulge in sugary goodness, and @rockstarpastries put plenty on offer. Those eyeball cookies might creepily stare at you while you're eating them, so chew fast.


Birthday Jack-O-Lanterns

I love this twist on a birthday banner. @Eila_francis used carved pumpkins to get her message across and they look so much more sophisticated than the expected jack-o-lantern.


Jack-O-Lantern Cake

Building the perfect jack-o-lantern cake might be easier than you think. @Mer.maiden.mama's solution was to use chocolate pudding to paint on the eyes, nose, and mouth (and add some extra chocolatey goodness, too).


Jack-O-Lantern Cups

A little black sharpie will go a long way. @mrstmacaroon_ used one to turn plain, orange plastic cups into jack-o-lantern cups.


Frankestein Pudding

Snacks that are super simple to make will save you tons of stress on party day. @Yourstrulystn simply added a little food dye and Oreo crumbs to whip up these Frankenstein pudding cups.


Eyeball Punch

@yourstrulystn had another stroke of brilliance, adding plastic eyeballs to a vat of punch for a hilarious Halloween drink.


A Healthy Halloween Snack

Lisa Sweatman

A healthy snack can be a nice break from the sugar overload that is Halloween. Tonya from The Sweatman Family blog simply used a marker to turn orange cups into jack-o-lantern treats.


Pumpkin Bundt Cake

Lise/Mom Loves Baking

Lise from Mom Loves Baking used an amazingly simple trick to get a nice round pumpkin cake: using two bundt pans and then stacking the cakes together.


Scary Tablescaping

Give your guests a scary surpise with a trick from @pepperskeeper. She used fake rats to put together a terrifying tapletop.


Skeleton Snacks

How cool is this spread by@keto@wondahbread? Laying out snacks inside a skeleton is an awesomely creative touch. You should just make sure to wash your unexpected "serving dish" in advance.


Spider Web Snacks

If you've got a steady hand with chocolate sauce, you can make an amazing spider web treat like @insta_bdw did.


Monster Treats

@angiegerardi gave her rice crispy treats the Halloween treatment. Colorful frosting and googly eyes turned them into cute little monsters.


Banana Ghosts

Chocolate chips for eyes and mouth transform bananas into ghosts. @mileven_steve served up that spooky snack, alongside peeled clementines that look like tiny pumpkins.


Rice Crispy Treat Pumpkins

@Pancakesbyjess turned her rice crispy treats into little pumpkins. All it takes is a little food coloring and green gumdrops for the stem.