'Hocus Pocus' & 19 More Classic Halloween Movies You Can Stream On Disney+ Right Now

Let's be honest, the second you felt that cool, crisp weather you started busting out the Halloween decor and sipping pumpkin spice anything. Wait, that was just me? Oh well, spooky season has arrived whether you like it or not and if you're ready to embrace all things ghoulishly fun, you'll want to check out all of the Halloween movies on Disney+ that will keep the whole family in the spirit until Oct. 31 rolls around.

Indeed, if you're looking for a comprehensive list of flicks you can't miss this Halloween season, look no further because Disney+ really does have you covered. From classics like Hocus Pocus and Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire, to newer seasonal films like the amazing Frankenweenie remake of 2012, there's something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

The list of Halloween movies on Disney+ includes a slew of Disney Channel Original Movies, but diehard Disney Halloween fans will likely notice a couple of titles missing. Notably, the hilarious mummy film Under Wraps and — my personal favorite — Tower of Terror are not on the list. But don't fret, no matter what your favorite is, odds are you can find it on Disney+.


If this movie didn't make you want to discover that your family was secretly full of witches and sometimes traveled to an alternate reality where it's Halloween every day of the year, we can't be friends. If you're looking to create a whole new generation of Halloweentown wannabe residents, this is the film for your family.

Halloween Town 2: Kalabar's Revenge

Of course, one visit to Halloweentown is never enough. Follow the gang on another bus trip to town as they try and figure out what's going wrong in their favorite spooky city. You won't be disappointed.

Halloween Town High

While returning to high school isn't exactly on fantasy wish list, watching a bunch of witches and ghouls navigate the complex intricacies of the teenage years definitely is. Don't miss the drama; watch Halloweentown High on Disney+.

Return To Halloween Town

I'm going to level with you, folks. The recasting of Marnie in this part of the franchise put Disney came close to ruining Halloween for me in 2006. But if you can get past the recast, this movie is a good addition to the Halloweentown storyline and definitely deserves a watch.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Don't even get me started on the epic love story that is Jack Skellington and Sally. Some of the characters in the movie do frighten my toddler, so watch at your own risk of little people nightmares. But for the older kiddos, this movie is a definite can't miss.

Hocus Pocus

The. Sanderson. Sisters. Need I say more? But fair warning, I first learned what a virgin was after watching this movie and it led to some difficult questions for dear old dad. So maybe be ready for that fun question from your own littles.


Tim Burton's remake of this tale of a family dog turned canine zombie and his loving owner Victor Frankenstein is spooky fun for the whole family.

Frankenweenie (The Original)

For the classic horror fans, the original Frankenweenie is on Disney+ straight from 1984.


Tia and Tamera Mowry shine as a pair of twin witches reunited on their 21st birthday. Together, the embark on the journey of a lifetime and use their magical powers to save their kingdom from the forces of darkness.

Twitches Too

The twins are back and with a new mission: working together to further strengthen their powers as a family.

Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire

Before Edward Cullen stole my heart for all of eternity, I had a major dad crush on Dimitri Denatos. Dimitri didn't quite have the self control to avoid human blood like my boy Edward, but he made for quite the compelling storyline when a group of kids starts to suspect that something is off with their mom's mysterious date.

Don't Look Under The Bed

What happens when you stop believing in your imaginary friends before you actually grow up? Spoiler alert: they turn into a pretty nasty Boogie Man.

The Scream Team

While young Ian and Claire Carlyle are mourning the loss of their grandfather, they make a shocking discovery about their tiny New England home town. It turns out that it a halfway house for restless ghosts, who are stuck here on Earth and cannot enter Heaven until they have redeemed themselves.

Phantom Of The Megaplex

A sort of Phantom of the Opera for the younger generation, this movie centers around kids trying to uncover the ghostly goings on at their local theater. If you still need more convincing, Mickey Rooney is in it.

The Haunted Mansion

Eddie Murphy encounters a crew of interesting ghosties in a haunted mansion and spooky hilarity ensues. There's a reason this movie was an instant classic.

The Ghosts of Buxley Hall

Another '80s Halloween hit, The Ghosts of Buxley Hall follows a military school's ghostly founders as they work to settle a conflict with a ghost girl causing mischief around campus.

Mr. Boogedy

The Davis family has little time to get settled into their new home before a scary warning from a local historian brings to their attention the presence of someone named Mr. Boogedy. Full of plot twists and tearjerking moments, this film will quickly move to your list of favorite horror films.

Now You See It

When Danny Sinclair is one of three finalists in a TV contest to find the best young magician, producer Allyson Miller is determined he will win. She stops at nothing to help him win and things take a turn for the spooky.

Girl Vs. Monster

When a tween discovers her calling on Halloween and learns that she is a fifth generation monster hunter, the monsters around her will stop at nothing to get to her before she begins her calling.

James & The Giant Peach

Is this movie often listed among Halloween must sees? No. Do I think that is a serious mistake? Yes. Anything Tim Burton does has room on my TV during Halloween season, but this entire film is full of creepiness that puts it right up there with Frankenweenie.

While your Halloween movie marathon likely won't begin and end on Disney+, it is a great place to start. With so many spooky movies to choose from, your only struggle will be choosing which to watch first.