20 Hilarious Instagram Captions To Post On Take Your Child To Work Day

Do you ever want to show off your kid without feeling like you're bragging? Well, Take Your Child To Work Day, is the perfect occasion. It's the one day a year when your boss supports (hopefully even encourages) the idea of you bringing your child with you to work, and you'll want to capture this moment with an unforgettable Instagram post. So if you're bringing your little one in to work with you this April 26, here are some fun Take Your Child To Work Day Instagram caption ideas to post alongside that proud (or silly photo) of your kid at your job.

Try making a joke about your child being the new staff hire, or if you're able to get your child to go down for a nap at the office, you can dub nap time the new happy hour. Whichever caption you choose, pair it with a photo of your little one hard at work — and when I say hard at work, I mean distracting you from actually doing your work.

This day only comes once a year, so take full advantage of it. Show off your little pride and joy, and cross your fingers that they'll be on their best behavior. Just a word of advice: Come April 26, put aside all of your big projects, because you're probably not going to be getting much work done. Hey, at least you can blame it on the new "intern."


"It's 'Don't They Look Like Me?' Day"

Why is it that biological parents all strive for their offspring to resemble them? If you think your kid looks more like you than your partner, this is the caption for you. You might even want to carry a photo of your partner for reference to really make your point. If you want to spice things up, take an office poll and by the end of the day see who wins. Don't worry, we all know your kid looks like you.


"A Day Where I'm Allowed To Show Off My Kids"

Expect to hear compliments all day long. No one will be able deny how cute your little one is, even if they're being naughty.


"Newest Staff Member"

Everyone always loves the new kid, and today, that kid is your kid! This new staff member is bound to be everyone's favorite (at least one of them). Hey, maybe they'll even get offered a job full time to boost company morale.


"My New Intern"

A funny caption that everyone will love. I mean yes, they probably won't be very helpful, but how is that different from most interns? Just kidding...


"And They Thought This Was Going To Be Fun"

A hilarious caption for when your kid realizes what you really do all day when you're away from home. This will make them never want to go to work with you again, or maybe even appreciate what you do for them. BTW, is it lunch time yet?


"Little Helper"

If you bring your child to work, then you must put them to work, right? Giving them little tasks to do not only keeps them occupied, but also helps you out.


"My New Boss"

Making this joke might feel too real. Yes, we all know who the real boss of the house is, but some days it might feel like your little one is making all the decisions.


"They Still Don't Understand What I Actually Do"

After spending the whole day with you, don't be surprised if all your child takes away from the whole experience is that they prefer your cafeteria to mealtimes at home. Regardless, as long as your kid thinks one thing is cool, this makes Take Your Child To Work Day a success.


"We Put Candy Out So They Think It's Fun Here"

Here's a classic move to trick your kids into thinking your job is cool. I promise this will be the only thing they remember about your vocation — a day full of Starbursts.


"The Perfect Little Assistant"

The perfect time to snap a photo for Instagram is when your little one is actually helping you get some work done. The best part is you don't even have to pay them: They'll work for candy.


"I Put Them To Work"

How do you keep your kid occupied for eight hours? Oh, I know! Have them "organize" your desk or shred some papers. This is a fun caption to put up with a photo of your kid pretending to do something productive, like answer the phone or type up some emails.


"My Dog Is Like My Kid. Can I Take Him To Work?"

For all the dog parents out there, just because your dog woofs, walks on four legs, and is fuzzy all over doesn't mean you don't have a baby of your own. You should clear this with HR in advance.


"Now Everyone Knows What A Devil This Little Angel Really Is"

Taking your kid to work is an opportunity to let your co-workers get to know the person behind the photo you have on your desk. Yes, they are adorable, but they can also be a little monster.


"They Will Be Answering All My Calls Today"

Don't let your calls go to voicemail today. Give your clients a delightful surprise. Nothing is cuter than a kid picking up the phone.


"Slaying With This One"

A great caption for when you are both killing it at work. If they're productive, maybe they can come to work with you everyday. Or... maybe not.


"Work Hard Play Harder"

A funny caption for when you have evidence of a full day's worth of work on your desk, and a little human under your desk getting their play on.


"Nap Time Is The New Happy Hour"

They're basically the same thing to your toddler.


"Lunch Time Is Going To Be Lit"

I hope they have kid specials in the cafeteria today. This is a great caption of your child in the company cafeteria looking excited.


"One Of Us Wants To Be Here"

And you don't even have to reveal who. Let your followers guess who is having fun and who wishes they were in still in bed. Honestly, it could go either way.


"We Both Regret This"

Yes, this seemed like a cute idea. But two hours into an eight-hour work day, you and your little one might be ready to throw in the towel.

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