These 20 Gifts For Kids Under $10 From Amazon Prime Are *Legit* Winners

With Christmas just two weeks away, it's time to get serious about finding gifts for everyone on your list. Whether you're shopping for a family Secret Santa exchange, or are in need of some cute, cheap stocking stuffers, you're probably hunting for gifts for kids are under $10 on Amazon Prime right now. I know I am! That's why I rounded up 20 totally adorable, affordable gifts for kids of all ages that you can order today and have on your doorstep in just two days (or less), thanks to the powers of Prime.

Every year my family does a holiday gift exchange with all my cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. Around Thanksgiving, we all draw a name out of a hat and that's who we're shopping for that year. And since I have cousins of all ages, this can sometimes be a challenging task. The gift needs to be cheap but not look cheap, it needs to be age-appropriate yet still engaging, and most importantly, it needs to be in the running for earning the coveted title of "Best Gift." You know, that one present that everyone wants to see and play with, and everyone secretly wishes was theirs.

That's why the gift round-up below includes gifts for toddlers through teenagers, and hits every interest, from sports to science and from cards to crafts. These gifts are definitely "Best Gift" material.


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