mom working from home with two small boys
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20 Instagram Captions For Parents Who Are "Working" From Home (Or Trying)

For a lot of parents, one day everything was totally normal and the next they had to start working remotely and find ways to keep their kids occupied all day... at the same time. Since most employed parents are in the same boat, it's a good time to keep it real with some chaotic photos and Instagram captions for parents who are "working" from home. After all, misery loves company, right?

Anyone who has ever had to work from home with a sick child knows how challenging it can be to focus on producing quality work, and a sick kid doesn't even have their normal level of energy! So having your child (or children) home when they're perfectly healthy (and incredibly bored) while you try to work makes that sick-kid situation seem like a vacation day. It doesn't get any easier if your partner is also home working, either, because now you have the added task of trying to work around each other's schedules and play some serious games of 'chicken' over which one of you will finally back down and miss their "unmissable" meeting or deadline. Basically, it's total mayhem.

Still, there is some solace in knowing you're not alone in this battle. A lot of parents are in the same situation and no one has figured out the balancing act of it all. So, instead of trying to get it just right, try to find the humor in the situation... and then share that humor with your friends on social media. Here are a few Instagram photo and caption ideas to get you started.


A Table Full Of Craft Supplies

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"This distraction lasted all of 10 minutes during my team video chat."


Your Cup Of Cold Coffee Next To Your Laptop

"All the caffeine in the world won't get me through this day."


Your Kid's Plate Of Untouched Food

"Apparently my co-worker wasn't thrilled with today's potluck lunch."


Letting Your Kid Make A Mess

"To quote Olaf, 'This is called controlling what you can when things feel out of control.'"


Tantrum Action Shot

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"When the employee vending machine (pantry) is out of snacks."


Your Kid Watching TV

"If you're not relying on screen time right now, are you even a WFH parent?"


Siblings Fighting

"The first rule of fight club is we don't bother mom with minor injuries from fight club."


Your Kid Sitting On Your Lap

"Any tips for practicing physical distancing from a clingy kid during work hours?"


Your Little One With A Tablet

"The biggest lie I've ever told is 'if you don't stop right now, I'm taking away your iPad privileges' while trying to work during quarantine."


A Moment Of Pure Chaos

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"If this ever ends, I will never complain about a boring day at work ever again."


A 'Disheveled' Selfie

"I look like this but, hey, at least the kids are dressed and ready for a long day of interrupting my work."


Toys All Over Your Work Area

"I am formally requesting a transfer. My co-workers don't respect boundaries."


Screenshot Of Your Video Call

"It's take your child to work day, right?"


Your Kid Wearing Something Strange

"We may need to rethink the casual dress code around here."


The Kids Playing Outside

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"I wonder how long it will be before they realize I didn't go inside to 'just check my email real quick'?"


Your Partner Entertaining The Kids

"Letting your wife get some work done in peace is now considered a big romantic gesture."


Your Sink That's Full Of Dirty Dishes

"My co-workers are the worst at cleaning up after themselves in the break room."


Preparing A Meal

"I guess technically I can add 'chef' to my resume now."


Your Noise Canceling Headphones/Earbuds

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"Unlike fellow passengers on an air plane, my kids don't seem to care that wearing earbuds is the universal sign for 'please don't talk to me.'"


An 'Exhausted' Selfie At The End Of The Day

"Can someone please give me the name of my HR representative? My kids are creating a toxic work environment."