Sometimes this is what it looks like — a burned woman with a baby dragon — when mom's been parenting...
20 Memes For When Mom Gets Sick, Because It's About To Hit The Fan

by Cat Bowen

I can't lie — my husband is fantastic at taking care of almost everything when I am sick. But there are a few things that man is just not cut out to do. So I thought I'd find a bunch of memes for when mom gets sick to send him as I convalesce. Will it make him less stressed? Absolutely not, but it will entertain me from my perch on the living room sofa.

It's nothing big that he forgets or has trouble handling, it's always the little things: permission slips, remembering the Grubhub password, making sure the kids are wearing matching socks — those sorts of things. He's actually better at homework than I am, and better at limiting their screen time. That doesn't mean that he looks like he has it all together. When he has full parental duty, he is a hot mess. It's hard to tell who is the sick parent, and who is the healthy parent, because he gets so harried.

But these memes are all in good fun, and they reflect my stress at missing out and not being in control more than anything. These memes are perfect for when you're feeling the same, or perhaps, when your spouse is ill.


You're Finally The Favorite

It only took getting the swine flu — or whatever cold this is — for me to finally be the favorite. Suck it, Trebek.


That Lasted Only A Minute

Someone forgot the permission slip to go to the Natural History museum, and of course it's your fault.


It's The Truth

Lucy knew what was up. Please pass the Vitametavegamin. (It's so tasty, too.)


Yet, Here We Are

I've only been sick for three days. Why does it look like the whole cast of The Lord of The Flies has taken over the house for a month?



Depending on the channel, it could be downright educational.


Even If You're On Hour 17 of Food Poisoning

Why don't they ever do this to my husband?


Actual #Same

You can't breathe, you can't see straight because of your headache, your partner is right there, and yet — you're still the one with zero sleep.


'Tis The Season

There are a lot of terrible things that happen when mom's sick, but it also means everyone realizes just how much you do.


I Feel Like A New Woman

And if someone else in the house gets sick, just give up all hope.



I'm actually down for this. It's pretty funny.


At Least It's A Cute Photo Opportunity

It's a pretty great uniform. Very sturdy and biodegradable.


Am I Doing This Right?

Sometimes you've really just got power through, you know?


Bring Me Back A Smothered & Covered

There are worse fates.


And Your Partner Encouraged It

At least they have to clean it up.


Listen, I'm Trying

Seriously. That pile of crap cost hundreds. Figure it out.


Help Me Help You

Help me help you. Please.


Where Is The Lie

I was normal the first few times, but I'm sick, and I just can't.


Every Time

Just give him some pudding. He'll be fine.


I'm Sick, & I'm Tagging Out

Save me now.