20 Photos Of Prince Harry & More Royals In Overalls Will Give You Style Envy

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Along with philanthropic efforts, elaborate weddings, and beautiful babies, the royal family is also known for its dedication to fashionable dressing. One look that pops up time and again throughout the generations is what the British refer to as "dungarees." And, truly, these photos of Prince Harry and more royals rocking overalls show that the fashion choice has been passed down over the years. Thank goodness.

While it is usually the littler royals who are sporting overalls, fashion icon Princess Diana had a couple of pairs in her own closet. Known for pushing the limits of what was considered "proper" for a lady in her position, Diana rocked a lot more casual looks than some of her counterparts.

Diana's children, Prince William and Prince Harry, were also dressed in adorable overalls as little ones. They were photographed at numerous events throughout their childhood wearing jumpers and other one-piece outfits. More recently, the children of both Prince William and Prince Harry have sported dungarees of their own — some of which are affordable enough to snatch up for your own little ones.

These photos of the royal family in overalls will likely have you scouring your own closet, and those of your children, to recreate the look. Because really, is there anything cuter than a pair of overalls, no matter how old you are?

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