20 Quotes About Fall To Give You All The Cozy Feels

It's almost here! Whether it's 90 degrees where you are or you broke out your fall sweaters two weeks ago, the first official day of fall is Saturday, Sept. 22. No matter what your season of choice is, no one's immune to those ~feelings~ you get when you read a perfect literary description of autumn. Though summer is my favorite, I can't deny that fall is easily the most romantic, coziest season. To help get you in the mood, here are 20 quotes about fall, guaranteed to hit you right in the feels.

Not sure how else to celebrate the first day of fall? You're in luck, because I have so many ideas. Go to your local Starbucks, buy a pumpkin spice latte, and sip it outside. Embrace your basic. Go on a hike in your closest forest, and soak up the fall weather before winter arrives. If it's chilly, light a fire. Bring your over-the-knee boots and chunky knit sweaters out of storage. Make some caramel apples, or bake something pumpkin-flavored. Go apple picking. Go to your local farmer's market — bonus points if you can buy some apple cider to drink while you shop. Take family photos in the changing leaves, and thank yourself later when it's time for Christmas cards. And, of course, put one of these quotes on your letter board so you never lose that fun, fall feeling.


"By All These Lovely Tokens / September Days Are Here, / With Summer's Best Of Weather / And Autumn's Best Of Cheer." — Helen Hunt Jackson

It's true. The first day of fall is such a perfect time, when you have the best of both summer and fall.


"Autumn... the year's last, loveliest smile." — William Cullen Bryant

If the year has to end, at least it's ending on a high note.


"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." — L.M. Montgomery

This quote from Anne of Green Gables is spot on. October is a special month, and we're lucky to experience it once a year.


"Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons." — Jim Bishop

The entire world looks like it's covered in gold during the fall, and I love it. Fall is especially great for anyone who looks good in warm colors.


"Winter is an etching, Spring a watercolor, Summer an oil painting, and Autumn a mosaic of them all." — Stanley Horowitz

There are beautiful qualities about every single season, and fall somehow manages to blend them all into one beautiful little package.


"Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn." — Elizabeth Lawrence

Slow down this weekend and revel in the fallness all aroud you!


"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall." — F. Scott Fitzgerald

Yes, you'll probably see this same quote plastered all over social media this weekend... but it's just so good.


"I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house. So I have spent almost all the daylight hours in the open air." — Nathaniel Hawthorne

It seems like such a waste to be inside when everything looks so dang pretty outside.


"How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days." — John Burroughs

We could all learn from leaves.


"And all at once, summer collapsed into fall." — Oscar Wilde

And it really does seem that sudden. Where exactly did summer go?


"A fallen leaf is nothing more than a summer's wave goodbye." —Unknown

A little bittersweet, but beautiful nonetheless. See you next year, summer.


"Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale." — Lauren DeStefano

Nature really does seem to be showing off in autumn.


"No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face." — John Donne

And have you ever seen a cuter autumnal face?


"But when fall comes, kicking summer out on its treacherous ass as it always does one day sometime after the midpoint of September, it stays awhile like an old friend that you have missed. It settles in the way an old friend will settle into your favorite chair and take out his pipe and light it and then fill the afternoon with stories of places he has been and things he has done since he last saw you." — Stephen King

There is something so welcoming and familiar about this season. It feels like coming home.


"Listen! The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves. We have had our summer evenings, now for October eves." — Humbert Wolfe

I personally love this quote because, as a summer fanatic, it reminds me that there are major upsides to every season. We enjoyed our summer, and now we can enjoy our fall.


"Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address." — Nora Ephron

There is something so exciting about brand new school supplies. I would totally swoon over a bouquet of pencils — though I'd prefer a bottle of "new book smell" perfume.


"And the sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep, and autumn was awakened." — Raquel Franco

If only we could all look as pretty as autumn does when we awaken.


"I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion." — Henry David Thoreau

Henry was on to something.


"It was a beautiful, bright autumn day, with air like cider and a sky so blue you could drown in it." — Diana Gabaldon

Is there anything better than these kinds of gorgeous fall days? I don't think so.


"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns." — George Eliot

I think this cat has the same idea.