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20 Steamy Movies On Netflix To Watch While You Masturbate


You finally have some alone time, and what makes this window most special is that it never happens. Everyone's asleep and you have a few blissful hours to yourself. So what are you going to do? Grab a glass of wine, curl up on the couch, and Netflix and chill. And when I say, "chill," I mean let Netflix take you on a magical journey where your mind can wander to an exotic place. If you haven't gotten what I'm trying to say yet, there are plenty of sexy movies on Netflix to watch when masturbating that can enhance the whole experience.

There are the obvious, more popular sexy movies on Netflix that will get you in the mood like Cruel Intentions, Eyes Wide Shut, and, obviously, Magic Mike. But do you know about all the hidden gems? There are tons of steamy indie flicks to turn you on like Newness, which stars Nicholas Hoult and need I say more? I know what I'm watching tonight!

Watch these sexy flicks alone, or, if you are looking to spice things up in your love life, with your S.O. Either way, these sexy movies on Netflix are hot enough to turn anyone on.

1. Magic Mike

Claudette Barius/Warner Brothers Pictures

I mean, I know a lot of people who would rank this movie on high on their list. It's got sexy men, shirtless men, dancing men — all the men. So open up a bottle of wine and queue up this film — you're going to enjoy it.

Stream Magic Mike here.

2. Newness

Lost City

A hookup app brings two people together, but even the surprise of a new relationship isn’t enough — so they look for someone extra to bring into the ring. Starring Nicholas Hoult, Laia Costa, and Danny Huston, this one will definitely fire up some new feelings.

Stream Newness here.

3. Nymphomaniac: Volume 1

Christian Geisnaes / Magnolia

This 2013 Lars Von Trier movie sees Charlotte Gainsburg go back through her past as a sex addict after an older man rescues her from an alley. Shia LeBouf also shows his face. Steamy and cerebral, says Netflix!

Stream Nymphomaniac: Volume 1 here.

4. Below Her Mouth

Elevation Pictures

This Canadian movie sees a fashion editor and a roofer — yes, a roofer — enter a wild relationship together. Thrilling but, being Canadian, romantic.

Stream Below Her Mouth here.

5. Sex Doll

IFC Films

This French film follows a “high-end call girl” as she begins to figure out her new crush’s very big secret. Impressive presentation of makeup while swimming in a pool

Stream Sex Doll here.

6. A Perfect Ending


This sweet LGBTQ+ show brings together an elite call girl and a repressed house wife to explore the possibilities, with romantic results.

Stream A Perfect Ending here.

7. Amar


Here's an indie Spanish film that takes you through all the drama and passion of your first love.

Stream Amar here.

8. Compulsion

Atlantic Screen Productions, ETV Films

What happens when a romance novelist finds herself in a remote villa? She goes for an old lover, but finds herself in thrall to someone new, and surrounded by her old demons.

Stream Compulsion here.

9. Menorca

IndieCan Entertainment

Here’s a sweet story worth your watching: a soccer mom heads to a remote island (“Menorca,” somewhere in the Mediterranean) to “return” her son’s pet rock, and finds herself on her own saucy odyssey.

Stream Menorca here.

10. After Porn Ends

Oxymoron Entertainment, Mallick Media

This is not a film but a documentary of life after porn. I know it sounds sad, but it ends on a positive note. And it will turn you on.

Stream After Porn Ends here.

11. The Pass

Toledo Productions

Two [very fit] soccer players get intimate one special time, and then deal with the change in their relationship.

Stream The Pass here.

12. Elisa & Marcela

Rodar y Rodar, Movies Production

The true story of two Spanish women from the beginning of the 20th century, who tricked a priest into marrying them. The lesbian heroes in the film give rise to feminist epiphanies, even as they are forced to flee for the sake of their relationship.

Stream Elisa & Marcela here.

13. Desire

Netflix/Columbia Pictures Television

When a woman goes to her sister's wedding to mend their relationship, she falls in love with the groom. I would say not the best way to reunite with your sister, but the passionate scenes do not disappoint.

Stream Desire here.

14. Immoral Tales

Argos Films, Syn-Frank Enterprises

An anthology movie that gives us four different stories of forbidden passion, this '70s classic definitely isn’t afraid to go there.

Stream Immoral Tales here.

15. Love

Les Cinémas de la Zone, RT Features, Rectangle Productions

Love, directed by Gaspar Noè is a film about a man in an unsatisfying marriage remembering an old fling he had with a girl who now has gone missing.

Stream Love here.

16. Dry Martina

Film Factory Ent

This Chilean sexscapade involves a singer, a fan, and a fan’s ex-boyfriend, making for some complicated action.

Stream Dry Martina here.

17. Y Tu Mamá También

Anhelo Producciones, Besame Mucho Pictures

This classic film about two friends (Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Marquez) on a road trip who come across an older woman, Luisa (played by Maribel Verdu), is a masterpiece of heat and longing.

Stream Y Tu Mamá También here.

18. Carol

The Weinstein Company

Things were a little different for women back in the '50s, so when beautiful suburban housewife Carol (played by Cate Blanchett) walks into a department store during the holidays, she changes the life of employee Therese Beilvet's (played by Rooney Mara) forever, which leads to a secret love affair between the two women which ends in... well you'll just have to watch to find out.

Stream Carol here.

19. Concussion

Netflix/93 Films, Razor Wire Films

A lesbian film in the dissatisfied-housewife tradition, Concussion sees Robin Wiegert’s character begin by booking prostitutes, and progress when she decides to engage in sex work herself.

Stream Concussion here.

20. She's Gotta Have It

40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks, Tonik Productions

Nola dates three of the hottest guys in New York City, but how can she pick one when all three are seemingly perfect. The story of this hot love triangle — err, square? — is worth watching.

Stream She’s Gotta Have It here.

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