20 Steamy Movies On Netflix To Watch While You Masturbate


You finally have some alone time, and what makes this window most special is that it never happens. Everyone's asleep and you have a few blissful hours to yourself. So what are you going to do? Grab a glass of wine, curl up on the couch, and Netflix and chill. And when I say, "chill," I mean let Netflix take you on a magical journey where your mind can wander to an exotic place. If you haven't gotten what I'm trying to say yet, there are plenty of sexy movies on Netflix to watch when masturbating that can enhance the whole experience.

There are the obvious, more popular sexy movies on Netflix that will get you in the mood like Cruel Intentions, Eyes Wide Shut, and, obviously, Magic Mike. But do you know about all the hidden gems? There are tons of steamy indie flicks to turn you on like Room in Rome, which I personally never heard of until doing my research for this list, but it is known to be one of the sexiest indie films to date. So... I know what I'm watching tonight!

Watch these sexy flicks alone, or, if you are looking to spice things up in your love life, with your S.O. Either way, these sexy movies on Netflix are hot enough to turn anyone on.

1. Magic Mike


I mean, I know a lot of people who would rank this movie on high on their list. It's got sexy men, shirtless men, dancing men — all the men. So open up a bottle of wine and queue up this film — you're going to enjoy it.

2. 50 Shades Of Grey


Can we all agree that this movie makes us feel like we are having boring sex? If you are looking for a new "move" to surprise your boo, this is the film to watch.

3. Room In Rome


I mean the title says it all: It's about a hot night in Rome. Sounds like a winner already. Okay, if you want to know the premise, it's about two women who meet at a club and share a romantic night full of lovemaking.

4. Cruel Intentions


Sweet virginal Annette, played by Reese Witherspoon, is caught in a love triangle between two step-siblings. Both are trying to get in Witherspoon's pants. This movie has some weird stepsibling romance going on, which is totally not cool, but they are step-siblings, so I guess someone thought it was okay?

5. Adore


So this film also crosses the boundaries a little. When two best friends played by Robin Wright and Naomi Watts go on a friend vacation, they bring their sons. The two female leads then find themselves sleeping with each others' sons. Yup, it went there.

6. Eyes Wide Shut


Remember when Tom Cruise and Nichole Kidman were married? Yeah, well during that time they filmed this steamy film that will make everyone forget about the whole scientology thing.

7. Amar


Here's an indie Spanish film that takes you through all the drama and passion of your first love.

8. Lap Dance


So Showgirls is no longer streaming on Netflix — sorry! — but we have a perfect second: Lap Dance starring Carmen Electra. It's the same corny storyline and just as sexy.

9. La Mijur de mi Hermano


The female protagonist in this film is over her husband and has an affair with his hotter brother. *Shrug*

10. After Porn Ends


This is not a film but a documentary of life after porn. I know it sounds sad, but it ends on a positive note. And it will turn you on.

11. Summertime


When a young, sheltered girl moves out of her parents' house, she meets a bunch of women who change her life.

12. Sex And Lucia


After losing her boyfriend, Lucia takes a trip to the Mediterranean. And well, I guess you can figure out what happens next.

13. Desire

La Entrada al Cine/YouTube

When a woman goes to her sister's wedding to mend their relationship, she falls in love with the groom. I would say not the best way to reunite with your sister, but the passionate scenes do not disappoint.

14. In The Grayscale


Here's a story about a Chilean architect — we already know it's going to be hot. He falls in love with his male tour guide, making him question his sexuality and his life with his wife and kids.

15. Love


Love, directed by Gaspar Noè is a film about a man in an unsatisfying marriage remembering an old fling he had with a girl who now has gone missing.

16. Fragments Of Love


When a composer has an affair with a woman who may have too many secrets, you get this sexy thriller.

17. Anna Karenina


I mean with a film that stars both Keira Knightley and Jude Law, how can it not be sexy? This film is a 19th-century love affair, and we all know what that means: forbidden love and tragedy.

18. Carol


Things were a little different for women back in the '50s, so when beautiful suburban housewife Carol (played by Cate Blanchett) walks into a department store during the holidays, she changes the life of employee Therese Beilvet's (played by Rooney Mara) forever, which leads to a secret love affair between the two women which ends in... well you'll just have to watch to find out.

19. The Little Death


This comedy comes with a lot of heat. Four couples explore their sex life in the most hilarious and steamiest ways.

20. She's Gotta Have It


Nola dates three of the hottest guys in New York City, but how can she pick one when all three are seemingly perfect. The story of this hot love triangle — err, square? — is worth watching.

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