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20 Sweet July Baby Names For A Summer Bundle of Joy


Mamas expecting July babies, let me first start off by saying that you're kind of my hero. Being pregnant during the hot summer months is basically just the worst. But while the sweltering temperatures can make you absolutely miserable, at least they also mean that the big day is drawing nearer. If you haven't settled on a name for your mid-summer bundle of joy just yet, you might be interested in some July baby names inspired by the heat, the sun, and more.

When a month is named after a famous historical figure, there's a lot of inspiration to be drawn just from that alone. Then, there's all the things that make July special. It's hot and sunny and when July 1 arrives, it makes it feel like the summer is truly in full swing. Americans also get a long weekend of celebration in the very first week of the month thanks to Independence Day, and what's not to love about holidays that you get a day off for? I'm not big on the July heat, but even I love the month for all those reasons and more.

These 20 baby names will be a great fit for any July baby.

1. Juliet

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There are so many baby names to choose from if you take the "Jul-" from July as your inspiration. One gorgeous option is Juliet, which means "youthful," according to Nameberry. You can give the name a fancier twist by spelling it Juliette.

2. Julius

The month of July takes it name from the Roman emperor Julius Caesar, according to Dictionary.com. He could be a fitting namesake for a summer baby.

3. Julian

If Julius isn't your taste, Julian might be more to your liking. The name has been steadily climbing in popularity since 2000, according to the Social Security Administration (SSA) rankings. It was the 36th most popular boy's name in 2018.

4. Julia

Julia is the female form of Julius, according to Baby Name Wizard. The name's popularity has fallen in the SSA rankings in recent years, but it still remains in the top 100 for American girls.

5. Juliana

Juliana is another gorgeous feminine take on Julius. There are lots of different ways to spell the name, including the Italian-ized Giuliana, Julie Anna, or Juli-Anna, according to Parents.

6. Jules

Jules can be a nickname for any of the names above, but it can also be a great first name in its own right.

7. Caesar

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If all those J names inspired by Julius Caesar aren't for you, how about looking to his last name? Oh! Baby Names noted that you can also spell it César.

8. Summer

Why not name a summer baby after the season itself? Summer comes from the Old English, according to The Bump.

9. Vera

Vera's another great choice for July and summer babies. It's very close to the Albanian word for summer.

10. Aine

Aine is the Celtic goddess of summer, according to Ireland-information.com, and an inspiring namesake for baby girls. It's pronounced awn-ya.

11. Ruby

Which birthstone belongs to July babies? You guessed it — it's the ruby, according to the American Gem Society, and it's also a pretty girl name.

12. Lily

Did you know that you not only have a birth stone, but a birth flower, too? The official flower for July is the water lily, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac. Lily makes a lovely baby name, especially for Harry Potter fans.

13. Sunny

Sunshine is one of the first things I think of when I think of summer, so Sunny is a totally fitting name for July babies.

14. Leo

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Babies born during the last week of July are Leos, according to Horoscopes.com. The sun sign can make a great baby name, whether on its own or as a shortened version of names like Leonard or Leonardo.

15. America

America celebrates its birthday in July. If you're feeling patriotic, you can name your baby America, just like actress America Ferrera.

16. Seven

July is the seventh month of the year, so the baby name Seven fits. It's the name singer Erykah Badu and rapper Andre 3000 chose for their son, according to Essence.

17. Mackenzie

Whether you've got Scottish roots or not, the name Mackenzie is a great choice for babies who arrive in the heat of summer. It means "born of fire," according to Baby Center.

18. Keegan

Keegan is another "hot" name option. SheKnows noted that it means "small and fiery," and comes from the Gaelic language.

19. Soleil

The chic French name Soleil means "sun." Nameberry explained that it's pronounced like so-LAY, with the emphasis on the second syllable.

20. Ravi

Ravi is a short and sweet but strong sounding option. The Hindi name also means "sun", according to The Bump.