20 Thanksgiving 2018 Hostess Gifts Under $25, Because You're Not Showing Up Empty-Handed

Hosting Thanksgiving is not an easy feat. People look forward to their Thanksgiving feast all year long, and expectations can run high. Cooking the perfect turkey is hard enough, but add appetizers, side dishes, desserts, and drinks, and you officially have a Herculean task on your hands. As a guest, it's important to show your hostess how much you truly appreciate everything they've done, and these 20 hostess gifts under $25 are an excellent way to do that, especially on Thanksgiving. Whatever you do, don't show up empty-handed.

If there is one thing I'm good at, it's showing appreciation to people who are willing and able to cook the Thanksgiving meal. A little background: after my dad passed away when I was in high school, my family's Thanksgivings became... pitiful, to say the least. My mom, brother, and I are all culinarily-challenged, and one year we mismanaged our time so poorly that our turkey wasn't ready until midnight. It was a disaster. When my brother brought home a new girlfriend studying to become a chef and I began dating a man much more talented in the kitchen than I, Thanksgiving took a turn for the better. Years later, my brother and I are both married to our Thanksgiving saviors, and since we clearly can't handle the cooking on our own, we've become experts in the thanking department. This year, these are my top choices for saying, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

1Monogram Candle

Monogram Candle


There's nothing better than a fresh candle in the fall. (Personally, I always have scented candles on hand for last-minute gifts.) This monogram option is even better, though, because the hostess will know it was chosen specifically for them.

2Metallic Dots Stemless Wine

Metallic Dots Stemless Wine

Crate & Barrel

These stemless wine glasses are currently on sale (originally $5), and a set of four is an excellent gift for your welcoming hostess. You'll get bonus points if you throw in a bottle of their favorite wine.

314" x 9" Oval Marble & Wood Serving Board

14" x 9" Oval Marble & Wood Serving Board


Gift your hostess with this "casually sophisticated" way of serving apps or desserts. The serving board is made of white marble and sheesham wood, and will look beautiful in any kitchen.

4A&G Vintage Cube Bath Bomb Collection

A&G Vintage Cube Bath Bomb Collection

World Market

When the guests are gone and the dishes are cleared, your hostess deserves to relax. Pamper them with this bath bomb set, complete with peppermint, lavender, and sweet orange bombs.

5Eres Measuring Spoons

Eres Measuring Spoons


These stoneware measuring spoons are a wonderful gift for a colorful hostess that loves to cook and bake. They're attached with a tasseled tie, and the amounts are painted on the bottom.

6Ferrero Rocher Diamond Gift Box- 48ct

Ferrero Rocher Diamond Gift Box - 48ct


Does your Thanksgiving hostess have a sweet tooth? Treat them to a box of 48 Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates. They can share it with their guests, or do what I would do... hide it until everyone leaves so there's more for me.

7White Marble Square Coasters In Gold Holder Set Of 4

White Marble Square Coasters In Gold Holder Set Of 4

World Market

Thank your hostess for having you and help them protect their surfaces, all with one gift! These simple marble coasters are wonderfully versatile and add a touch of elegance to any home.

8Buffalo Check Apron Red

Buffalo Check Apron


Help your hostess cook in style with this sweet red buffalo plaid apron. They'll say an extra thank you when they inevitably spill something on it and you've saved their Thanksgiving Day best.

9Branch & Twig Pie Server

Branch & Twig Pie Server


Serving up Thanksgiving pie is more fun with this brass and stainless steel pie server. Your hostess will love Anthropologie's Branch & Twig pie server – especially if it comes along with their favorite pie.

10Russel + Hazel In Due Time Gold Notepad Set

Russel + Hazel In Due Time Gold Notepad Set

Crate & Barrel

This is the ultimate gift for an uber-organized, Type A hostess. This notepad set comes with a weekly planner, lined tablet, and memo pad, all edged in beautiful gold.

11Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity


Have a laugh after Thanksgiving dinner with a game of Cards Against Humanity. Coined "a party game for horrible people," this game is best with unfiltered people with a crude sense of humor. In other words, maybe save it for Friendsgiving, rather than dinner with the extended family.

12Better Homes & Gardens Sentimental Collection Appetizer Plates

Better Homes & Gardens Sentimental Collection Appetizer Plates


Six plates for $20 is not too shabby, and these "Thankful," "Gather," and "Blessed" appetizer plates are perfect for Thanksgiving get-togethers. The only thing that can make this gift better? Helping your hostess wash dishes afterwards, too.

13Fall Hostess Gift Set

Fall Hostess Gift Set


This adorable fall-themed gift set is a super thoughtful way to thank your hostess for their hospitality. Grab the 8 oz. candle and 8 oz. sugar scrub for $22, or throw in the box (complete with a customized thank you note for your hostess) for $26. Select your scent from the 18 delicious options available.

14Wood And Metal Hairpin Votive Candleholder

Wood And Metal Hairpin Votive Candleholder

World Market

Give your hostess a gorgeous centerpiece for the special occasion. This votive candleholder has a wooden platform that holds five glass votive cups and brass hairpin legs.

15Personalized Tea Towels

Personalized Tea Towels


Personalized gifts go a long way when it comes to making the recipient feel special. These custom tea towels from Etsy are not only lovely, but a perfect way to show your hostess how much you appreciate them opening up their house on Thanksgiving.

16Woven Grass Vase

Woven Grass Vase


Flowers are always a lovely gift, but don't burden your hostess with finding a vase. Instead, gift them this rattan-wrapped white vase filled with their favorite blooms. Plus, the vase lasts a lot longer than the flowers will.

17Custom Cork Trivet

Custom Cork Trivet


Yes, I'm clearly a sucker for customized gifts. This custom cork trivet can be customized with names and wedding dates – and it makes a perfect gift for a newly married couple hosting their first Thanksgiving.

18Conversion Spoon Rest

Conversion Spoon Rest

Crate & Barrel

I've spent a ridiculous amount of time standing in my kitchen and Googling measurement conversions. Save your hostess from this time-wasting scene with this conversion spoon rest. With a $25 budget, you can buy two and save yourself some time, as well!

19White Marble And Wood Cheese Board And Knife Set

White Marble And Wood Cheese Board And Knife Set

World Market

Nothing says professional hostess like whipping out your own cheeseboard and matching knife. This cheeseboard and knife set from World Market is made from white marble and natural wood with gold detailing, and any cheese-loving hostess will love it.

20Wall Mounted State Bottle Opener

Wall Mounted State Bottle Opener

Uncommon Goods

My husband has a California bottle opener, and I swear it's his favorite possession. Give a beer-loving hostess their own state, or maybe their home state, for nostalgia purposes, and a six pack of their favorite beer.