20 Random Amazon Products That Are Straight Up Bizarre — Even For Amazon

Amazon has seriously got it all. The site and its super fast shipping have saved me from disaster time and time again, whether by letting me stock up on diapers with same day shipping, or by helping me find the perfect last minute birthday gift for a loved one. But for all of the amazing, useful, high-quality stuff it sells, there are also a ton of odd and totally random products on Amazon that'll make you wonder who could ever possibly need them.

Some of these items are clearly meant to be jokes, something you'd pick up to prank someone or to throw into a White Elephant gift exchange. But some of them seem to be serious products just catering to very specific and unusual tastes. You'll never be able to un-see some of these products again, and fair warning: some of these gag gifts might literally make you gag (I'm looking at you, number 11).

All the products on this list can be yours for roughly 500 dollars (you couldn't pay me to use the vast majority of them in my house though, personally). The next time you need a gift for someone with a great sense of humor (or someone you don't actually like), you'll know just where to look.