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Looks Like The Most Popular Baby Boy Names Of 2018 Are A Mix Of Old & New

We blinked, and 2018 is suddenly coming to a close. While the Social Security Administration won't be officially releasing their top name lists until May of 2019, many baby websites are already releasing their lists of the most popular names over the past 12 months, including Baby Center, an online hub for all things pregnancy and parenting related. Their compilation of the 20 most popular baby boy names of 2018 comes from entries submitted by over 742,000 parents. A nice mix of old and new, trendy and modern, these are the monikers that the new parents of today are going nuts for.

Perusing baby name lists has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. Though I'm currently pregnant with a little girl, I've got a handful of baby boy names in my back pocket that I just adore. Of course, as many expectant parents know, picking a name is often about striking a delicate balance between there are four other kids with that name in my child's class and what the heck kind of name is that, and how do you even spell it? When I see a name I love, the first thing I do is check these sorts of lists to see what other parents are saying. Whether you use popularity lists for baby name inspiration or to figure out which names to avoid, here are some of the favorites from this past year.



The popularity of the name Jackson, and it's alternative spelling Jaxon, has absolutely exploded in recent years. The name was the 20th most popular name given to little boys in 2017 according to the Social Security Administration (SSA), and has adorable nickname potential with names like Jack and Jax.



Liam began as a nickname for William, but has now officially been established as a strong name of its own. The name, which means "resolute protector" according to Babble, has been one of the top 3 most chosen names in the U.S. since 2013.



Nameberry reports that the name Noah means "rest," but this name is anything but stagnant or tired. It's the second most-loved boy's name on Baby Center this year, and it's catching on for little girls, too.



From Aiden to Caden to Jayden to Hayden to Brayden, names ending with -den are having a massive moment right now. This name, which means "fire" according to The Bump, may have gotten new life from Carrie Bradshaw's love interest in Sex in the City.



Like I was saying, parents are all about the -den names currently. The sweet name Caden means "friend" or "companion" in Arabic, or "spirit of battle" in Welsh, according to Baby Center. It has a variety of alternative spellings, like Caiden, Kayden, and Kaden.



Grayson has been steadily gaining steam in the U.S. since 1984, peaking at #34 last year on the SSA's list. Originally a surname meaning "son of a steward," it was a major favorite among Baby Center parents this year.



The name Lucas means "light-giving" according to Baby Center, and this name is clearly in the spotlight this year. This biblical name has a classic appeal, and is commonly shortened to "Luke."



A surname turned first name, the name Mason has been on fire in recent years. It is the eighth most used name on Baby Center this year, and will undoubtedly reclaim its spot in the national top 10 as well.



Though not quite as hot as its sister name Olivia, the name Oliver is still up there. The name means "olive tree" according to Nameberry, and is often shortened to the adorable "Ollie."



This biblical name, which means "The Lord is my God" according to The Bump, broke into the top 100 in 1995 and has been skyrocketing ever since. It was the 10th most common name chosen among Baby Center users this year.



Logan was given to 13,974 baby boys in 2017, and clearly remained a favorite in 2018. The Scottish name, which means "small hollow" according to Nameberry, is also gaining popularity for girls.



This gender-neutral name is one of the many occupations-turned-name that are so hot right now. The meaning of Carter, according to Nameberry, is "transporter of goods by cart."



The name Ethan means "strong" and "firm" in Hebrew according to Babble, and that's exactly how this name sounds. The 13th most used name in 2018 for Baby Center users, it's likely to retain it's spot on the SSA's list this year, as well.



As Fogell, aka McLovin', reminded us in the 2007 movie Superbad, "Muhammad" is the most commonly used name on Earth." Though the SSA ranked it #366 in the U.S. last year, it was clearly a popular choice for Baby Center users in 2018.



Jayden, sometimes spelled Jaden or Jaiden, has become a popular name for both boys and girls. The name, which means "thankful" according to Nameberry, was the 26th most popular name for baby boys in 2017.



This biblical name that means "Who is like God?" in Hebrew, according to Babble, is one of those undeniably great names that will seemingly always be a national favorite. Fun fact: Michael was the #1 most common name given to boys all the way from 1961 to 1998, according to the SSA.



There's not a bad thing to say about this sophisticated and timeless name. This wildly popular name, which means "supplanter" according to Nameberry, was given to 14,232 boys in 2017 and will likely top that number this year.



Though Sebastian hasn't cracked the U.S.'s official top 20 yet, it's clear that Baby Center parents are loving it. The name, which means "revered" according to the Bump, has been steadily rising in popularity since the '80s.



A classic, traditional name, Alexander has been a top 20 name in the U.S. since 2000. It means "defender of men" according to Baby Center, and has had no difficulty defending its spot on the popularity charts.



Mateo, the Spanish version of Matthew, was a hit with Baby Center users this year. The classic name means "gift of God" according to the site, and has moved up a whopping 17 spots since 2017.


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