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21 '90s Movies Your Kids Will Love As Much As You Did

Remember when you wanted to start surfing after you watched Point Break? Or when you tried to pretend you weren't a virgin who couldn't drive after Clueless called that out? The movies of the '90s helped shape your view of the world and, much like your favorite flannel shirt, you went back to them time and time again. These films hold such a special place in your heart, that you can't wait to share them with your kids. You just need to decide which '90s movies your kids will love as much as you did, and start streaming tonight.

You can only hope that these flicks will fill your child's soul with as many warm fuzzies as they did yours. As you introduce '90s films to your kids, chances are you are going to open up their world to a whole knew realm of movie watching. Up until now, they've thought Frozen is as good as it gets — and although we all love to sing along to "Let It Go", they are going to loose their minds when you pop in Aladdin and their little ears hear "A Whole New World" for the first time ever.

Instead of hitting the theater this weekend, try busting out an old '90s movie to watch with the kids instead. Start hear to get your queue rolling.



American Zoetrope

Due to a rare disease that causes him to age rapidly, Jack is the only fourth grader that looks like a dad.


'Good Burger'

Paramount Pictures

The whole family will laugh out loud as Ed and Dexter battle the evil Mondo Burger, and say "dude". . . a lot.


'Liar Liar'

Universal Pictures

When a son makes a wish for his dad not to lie for 24 hours, it comes true. And some hilarious situations follow.


'Honey, I Blew Up The Kid'

Touchwood Pacific Partners

Crazy things can happen when a dad invents a machine that makes things grow — and it accidentally makes his toddler larger that every building in town.


'Harriet The Spy'

Nickelodeon Movies

Harriet was the coolest girl spy of the '90s, and her adventures made you want to grab a magnifying glass and solve a mystery.


'Baby's Day Out'

20th Century Fox

After being kidnapped, baby Bink makes it hard for the foolish criminals to keep up with him as he crawls his way around town before being rescued.



Kennedy Miller Productions

The only downside to letting your kids watch Babe, is that they are going to be begging for a pet pig after it's over. I mean, the cuteness is ridiculous.



Walt Disney Pictures

A '90s remake of the Disney classic from the '60s is a fun family film. No one could play a whacky professor quite like Robin Williams.


'Jungle To Jungle'

Walt Disney Pictures

When a boy who's been living the jungle for 13 years comes to live in New York City with his father, a lot of craziness takes place.



An adult Peter Pan travel back to Neverland to rescue his children who have been captured by Captain Hook.


'A Goofy Movie'

Walt Disney Pictures

It's hard not to be frequently embarrassed when your dad is Goofy. And when Max is trying to impress a girl he likes, his dad doesn't make things very easy.



TriStar Pictures

Finishing a board game has never had such high stakes. When a magical game comes to life, the power to stop the dangers it poses is in the hands of two kids.


'Space Jam'

Warner Brothers Family Entertainment

Your little sports fan will love to watch Michael Jordan and the Looney Toons crew slam dunk together.


'George Of The Jungle'

Walt Disney Pictures

While your kids enjoy the silly story of a grown man raised by apes, you will enjoy Brendan Fraser's abs. You're welcome.


'It Takes Two'

Dual Star Productions

Haven't you always wanted to meet a complete stranger that looks exactly like you and switch lives to get what you want? That is exactly what happens in this film where two girls attempt to make their dreams come true.


'Stuart Little'

Columbia Pictures

A sweet family adopts an adorable mouse, and everything would be perfect if it weren't for the family cat.


'The Lion King'

Walt Disney Pictures

The whole family will enjoy the adventures of Simba and his hilarious sidekicks, Pumba and Timon.


'The Flintstones'

Universal Pictures

The classic cartoon is brought to life when the Flintstones and the Rubbles get into some whacky antics.


'Home Alone'

Hughes Entertainment

It's every kids dream to have the house to themselves. . .until some tricky crooks try to break in.


'Tom And Huck'

Painted Fence Productions

Based on the literary characters Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, these two friends witness a crime and disagree about the right thing to do.



Paramount Pictures

In order to win a soccer tournament, a desperate coach puts a wig on his finacée's son and tries to pass him off as a female player.