21 Alternative Things To Put Inside Easter Eggs If You're Bored By Candy

When a holiday such as Easter morning comes around, it’s common for parents to have some concern about hitting the maximum candy level. Anyone who claims that sugar does not make kids hyper has not been around a post-basket toddler on Easter morning. Because the chocolate rabbit and basket filled with candy are somewhat obligatory, one good place to avoid sugar overload is during the egg hunt. After all, who says the plastic eggs must be filled with even more jellybeans and chocolates? There are plenty of alternative things to put inside Easter eggs that are way more exciting than candy. Or at least less sugary.

Tiny toys, from cars to finger puppets, are sure to be a hit with your little egg hunter. Necessities such as hair ties or flavored lip balm would make most kids happy, and who wouldn’t love to find an egg full of money? And you won’t need to spend a ton of time preparing for these alternative fillers; a quick trip to the craft shop or most big box stores would cover most of these options. By thinking outside of the box a little, you can make eggs that are filled with kid-friendly surprises that are fun and delightful.


Hair Ties

Because you can never have too many hair ties, Easter is a great excuse to load up on more. A pack of ties in springtime colors would be a hit.


Tiny Cars

Is your kid a little gearhead? Most tiny toy cars would fit perfectly inside Easter eggs.



Basically everything comes in keychain form, so you can probably pick up a few that match your kid's current interests. Or just opt for rabbits and chicks for a fun springtime theme.


Mini Bubbles

You're already outside, so why not play with bubbles? A mini bubble tube would delight your little egg hunter.



Literally everyone loves stickers, and each egg could hold a roll or two. Springtime flowers or anything that fits your kid's interests would be a hit.


Pencil Toppers

Most kids go nuts for these things. You can usually find a huge variety of them at craft stores.


Seed Packets

Why not start a springtime garden? A little seed packet would be an unexpected surprise.


Lip Balm

Is your little one already a lip balm fiend? The tiny tubes are a perfect surprise.


Baby Carrots

Hey, thinking outside the candy box doesn't mean ALL snacks are out. Those packets of baby carrots will fit in larger Easter eggs.


Snack Crackers

And if your kid has a favorite healthy snack, then load up the eggs. Crackers or raisins would be a great choice.



Tiny art supplies will delight your kid. Most craft stores or even office supply shops offer tiny markers or pencils.


Building Bricks

If your child is a master builder, then a few new bricks would probably be a hit. You could even hide a new set amongst several eggs.



Most kids love having their own money. A little spare change is a great find, and it makes a fun rattle in the egg.



Colorful bracelets would make for a nice piece of hidden treasure. Plus, they'll last much longer than any handful of jelly beans.


Parachute Toys

What kid doesn't love these things? For such a simple toy, they tend to hold kids' attention for quite a bit.


Finger Puppets

How cute is this idea? A little collection of finger puppets would make any egg hunter proud.


Rewards Coupons

This is a great idea for slightly older kids. Coupons for things that they would really like — such as staying up 20 minutes after bedtime — would liven up the Easter egg hunt.



Chubby little crayons are available at many craft shops. But some are so cute you may save them for yourself.



This is a great choice if your kid has the lung capacity to blow up a balloon. They're small enough to fit in any eggs.



Who doesn't need more socks?! Bonus points if you get some in pastels.


Fun Erasers

Most craft shops have a giant selection of too-cute-to-use erasers, and they are small enough to fit most plastic eggs. These would be a hit on Easter morning.