21 Alternatives To Fidget Spinners
by Autumn Jones

Doodling to improve focus and memory? That's so last year. A new wave of attention-boosting items has hit the scene, and although they may look a lot like regular toys, these sensory-soothing items are more therapeutic than trinket. If you're child struggles with focus, stress, or a case of the wiggles when it's time to get down to business, you don't need to run out to purchase the latest trend in order to streamline their attention. In fact, there are plenty of alternatives to fidget spinners that offer the same results (and don't have you adding your name to waitlists at specialty toy stores or hoping those online backorders fill ASAP).

According to Additude magazine, a publication dedicated to publishing all aspects of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), "an effective fidget toy doesn’t distract you from your primary task because it is something you don’t have to think about." The sensory input from things such as fidget gadgets creates a calming, focused effect in the brain, according to the Center of Development, Pediatric Therapies. These 21 toys for fidgety bodies can be especially useful for kids who struggle with concentrating or listening for long periods of time, or anyone who just needs a little boost in focus.


Thinking Putty

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, $16, Amazon

Open the brain for creativity while keeping hands busy is a double win. Your kid will love Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty ($16) for the relaxing nature it induces and you will love that it keeps them happy and busy for long stretches of time.


Fiddle Sticks

The Bendeez Fiddle, $10, Amazon

Kids can bend, twist, and twirl these special sticks into any shape they can think of. The Bendeez Fiddle ($10) comes in a variety of colors and gives little hands something to do while listening and learning.


Flippy Chain

Flippy Chain Fidget Toy, $8, Amazon

Approach the fidgets in a new way with the interlocking pieces of the flippy chain fidget toy ($8). With more than one way to use this toy, kids can experiment with new ideas for playing with each use.


Sensory Ring

Spiky Sensory Ring, $12, Amazon

With so much tactile input, the spiky sensory ring ($12 for three) is a great form of stimulation for kids who struggle with focus. In addition to its therapy-like nature, this toy is also hypoallergenic, nontoxic, and free of BPAs, phthalates and latex.


Bead Ball

Therapy Bead Ball, $4, Office Oxygen

With soft nodules on the outside and tons of microbeads on the inside, the therapy bead ball ($4) is perfect for squeezing, stretching, or rolling across the palm of the hand.


Fidget Ball

Fidget Ball, $12, Amazon

A great alternative to spinners or squeeze toys, the fidget ball ($12) may produce a zen-like state. Made of connected rings, every ring turns over the next in a spinning pattern, creating a rhythmic play experience.


DIY Jewelry

Make your own fidget item at home with a simple craft. Create a non-toxic bead bracelet or necklace that can be chewed and fidgeted with, as Mothering magazine suggested. Just make sure you use a cord or string that's can hold up against all the wear and tear.


Chewable Pencil Topper

Chewable Pencil Topper (3 PK), $6, Amazon

Safer and less damaging than chewing on pencils, hair, or clothes, a chewable pencil topper ($6) will do the trick for those who like to keep their teeth busy.


Spikey Gloves

Spikey Gloves, $11, Amazon

Use them to paint with or wear them for pressure and tactile therapy — a pair of spikey gloves ($11) are great in either the home or classroom for getting sensory systems in sync.


Bouncy Foot Band

Bouncy Band For Chairs, $14, Amazon

If it's your child's feet that have the wiggles, perhaps a bouncy band for chairs ($14) will do the trick. This is great for the classroom since it allows kids to silently fidget without causing distractions.


Zipper Bracelet

Zipper Braclet (12 PC), $11, Amazon

Fidget toys can be stylish too and the perfect example is this zipper bracelet ($11) which comes in an assortment of colors and can connect to other zipper bracelets with the clasp.


Smooth Stone

Sometimes simplicity works best. According to Very Well, a smooth stone makes a perfect fidget toy and doesn't cost a thing. This item can be easy kept in a pocket and rolled around with fingers when some energy needs to be released.


Sensory Ruler

Desk Buddy Sensory Ruler, $18, Amazon

Provide focus while at school or working on homework with a Desk Buddy sensory ruler ($18). This can be kept on top to the desk to keep busy hands occupied while learning and thinking.


Soothing Fidget

Boinks Soothing Fidgets (10 PK), $9, Amazon

Roll the marble all around this soft, handheld toy to help with the fidgets. Boinks soothing fidgets ($9) are durable and machine washable (and can also be purchased in bulk).


Roller Chain

Roller Chain Fidget Toy, $11, Amazon

Although it looks like something that fell off your bike, the roller chain fidget toy ($11) is made to withstand the play of heavy fidgeters. With different grooves and motions, this toy is sure to engage users of all ages.


Magnet Worm

Magnet Worm Fidget Toy, $7, Etsy

Aside from being straight up adorable, the magnet worm fidget toy ($7) is fun and soothing to use. Pull this little guy by his head and tail and he pulls himself back together on his own.



Squeeze-A-Bean Keychain (3 PK), $11, Amazon

Keep the squeeze-a-bean ($11 for three) attached to back packs, keys, or belt loops to always have a fidget toy nearby. Just squeeze a pod and a cute little soybean pops out. Be warned: this one may make you crave edamame with the power of suggestion.


Stretchy String

Stretchy String Fiddle, $2, Trainers Warehouse

Hands stay busy when they pull it, twirl it, squeeze it, or tie it in knots. The stretchy string fiddle ($2) is more a great way to provide sensory input while trying to facilitate more focus.


Tangle Toy

Tangle Jr. Orginal Fidget Toy (3 PK), $9, Amazon

There are endless possibilities when playing with Tangle Jr. original fidget toy ($9 for three). Pull the pieces apart and reattach them however you wish to create a variety of shapes and figures.


Homemade Squeeze Ball

As Very Well explained, all you need is a new balloon and some sand to make a fidget toy for your kiddo. This can be decorated with markers or left plain depending on preference. Just remember to tie the balloon off tight to avoid a sandy spill.


Finger Squash It

Hourglass Shaped Fidget Finger Squash It (6 PK), $12, Amazon

Swirl the colors around in the hourglass shaped fidget finger squash it ($12 for six) using finger manipulation for tactile stimulation. The soft texture makes this toy easy to squish and squash for hours.