21 Baby Names Beginning With "G" For Your Little Gem

In addition to setting up a nursery, learning how to install a car seat (which I'm pretty sure you need a degree in engineering to do), and all the other tasks a parent-to-be must complete before the arrival of their little one, there's the very important job of selecting a name. If you feel like you're in a bit of a rut, you can get your creative juices flowing again by starting with the first letter. A great place to start is with baby names beginning with "G." Speaking for the seventh letter of the alphabet, so many great, glamorous, genuine, and grand words start with the glorious letter "G."

Even if you don't have a theme or plan for your munchkin's moniker just yet, you could start a trend by using first letters as your inspiration. From traditional and classic selections to more unique and creative options, there are plenty of "G" names with beautiful meanings behind them for your future son or daughter. Speaking of "G" words, there are also gender-neutral options.

Whether you're currently pregnant, reached an impasse in the naming process, or just want to play around with names for your future child, check out some of these baby names beginning with "G" to get going.



Maybe it's because I've got Olympic fever, but Gabby is a phenomenal name for your (potential) little gymnast. A shortened version of Gabrielle, Gabby means "God is my strength" in Hebrew and is a grand choice for your daughter.



If you're a sci-fi nerd like I am, then you know Galen Tyrol from Battlestar Galactica was a hero of the people. Meaning "tranquil" in Gaelic, Galen is perfect for your gentle giant.



Greer Grammer and Judy Greer are both famous bearers of the name and each have found success in the public eye. So it makes sense that Greer means "watchful" in Irish and is a great unisex choice.



A twist on the traditional moniker, Gordon, this name is unique but still keeps its classic style. Meaning "dignified" in Slavic, Gordan is a gentleman's title for sure.



Who doesn't love the no-nonsense, sometimes skeptic character, Dana Scully? Played by Gillian Anderson, you could give your daughter a name which means "young at heart" in Irish as a bit of a nerdy nod to the iconic X-Files.



From Greek mythology, the Gryphon was a creature with the head, talongs, and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. A fearsome legend which inspired many tales, the name Gryphon has made a comeback as a gender-neutral option for edgy parents.



You can't get much more traditional than Grace, which literally means "virtue of grace." Thanks to silver screen star Grace Kelly and Madonna's tribute to Old Hollywood, Vogue, the name has an air of sophistication about it.



Speaking of the silver screen, Gene Kelly caught the attention of the entire world with his amazing moves in such classic films as Singin' in the Rain, Anchors Aweigh, and An American In Paris. Technically suitable for either gender, Gene means "born to nobility" in Old English and is a wonderful homage to Hollywood glam.



Another solid and traditional choice is George, which means "farmer or earth-worker" in Greek. Whether your son decides to get his hands dirty or not, you can't go wrong with a name that's stood the test of time.



Though there are countless variations in spelling, Gwendolyn means "fair, blessed" in Welsh and can be updated to the more modern sounding Gwen. A bonus for parents who are fans of No Doubt.



A gender-neutral option for your glorious youngster is Grady, which means "noble" in Gaelic. Perhaps your child will go on to become an honorable humanitarian or ethical leader with such a virtuous name.



Derived from the literal French word for "measure," Gage has become a fairly common boy's name. With just a bit of edge, this moniker could inspire a future steampunk phenom or X-Games champion for your little one.



Another literal translation, Gemma means "gem" in Italian. Clearly your glitzy girl is just as precious as any jewel and Gemma is a perfect name to highlight that.



With a bit of presidential history, the name Grover, which means "grove of trees" in Old English, has a stately sound to it. Who knows? Perhaps your son will be a future politician or environmentalist.



Though a color and a gemstone both bear this name, Garnet means "one who sells pomegranates" in Old French and is gender-neutral. With a quirky meaning, this unconventional moniker would suit any free-spirited child.



It may sound a bit old-fashioned, but Greta, which means "pearl" in German, is great choice for your future baby girl. With a name like Greta, she could easily be a deep-sea diver, a traveler, or museum curator.



A classic English name, Gareth means "gentle, modest, and brave" in Welsh. Those are all wonderful attributes for your future son to have.



From actor Gerard Butler to singer Geri Halliwell, the name Gerry can actually be used for a boy or a girl. Both Gerard and Geraldine are names which mean "a spear warrior" in Old Englsih.



Though it's commonly used in Spanish culture as a saint's name, Guadalupe means "river of the wolf" in Arabic. A moniker with significant heritage and a fierce meaning, Guadalupe is a bold choice for your future daughter.



Originally used as a surname, Grant means "large, great" in Old French. From Ulysses S. Grant to Hugh Grant, the name clearly has strong staying power in culture.



Another surname turned first name, Guthrie means "free wind" in Gaelic and is gender-neutral. With a gentle and hopeful moniker like Guthrie, your little one will surely inspire others with their carefree optimism.