21 Baby Names Inspired By 2016 Olympians

Even if you aren't a huge sports fan, it's almost impossible not to get caught up in the magic and excitement of the Olympics. The touching stories of hard work and determination paying off in the form of gold, silver, and bronze hardware can keep you glued to your television for hours, in hopes of witnessing a record being shattered or a shocking comeback. If you can't get enough of the games, you might want to show the athletes a little love by considering some baby names inspired by 2016 olympians for your little one.

Whether it's tennis, track and field, gymnastics or soccer, all of the athletes heading to Rio this year have been working overtime to get ready for the game and bring home the gold for their respective countries. And there are plenty of amazingly talented athletes that expectant parents can use as inspiration when they are trying to come up for a name for their new baby.

If you're gearing up for the opening ceremonies and the arrival of a new baby, check out some of these awesome athlete's names, while you cheer on your favorites. And who knows, you might just have a future little Olympic champion of your own on your hands.



Jamie Squire/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

You may not be a fan of women's wrestling, but this Olympic games, there's a good reason to watch. Three-time world champion, Adeline Gray of the United States Wrestling team is heavily favored to win the gold. The name Adeline means "noble, nobility."



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U.S. distance runner, Galen Rupp, won a silver medal at the London games in the men's 10,000 meters. The name Galen means "calm, healer."



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United States soccer star Hope Solo is the goalkeeper of the women's team. She's also shown some pretty fancy footwork off the field, appearing on season 13 of Dancing With The Stars. The name Hope means "virtue."



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Ashton Eaton of the United States Track and Field team will represent the country in the decathlon. But there may be a little friendly competition in his household, Ashton's wife Brianne competes in the heptathlon for Canada. Ashton means "ash trees place."



Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The 2015 WNBA MVP, Elena Delle Donne will represent team USA as part of the women's basketball team. Elena is the Spanish version of Helen and means "bright and shining light."



Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Carlin is an Irish name which means "little champion." Also known as the 'fastest man in rugby', Carlin Isles will represent Team USA in rugby.



Tom Pennington/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

When her older sister couldn't say the name Madeline, the U.S. swimmer's name was shortened to Maya DiRado. Maya, a Hebrew name meaning "water," is much more fitting for a champion swimmer, anyway.



Shaun Botterill/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Sloane Stephens started playing tennis at age 9, and is ready to go for the gold in Rio. Sloane is Irish for "raider."



Patrick Smith/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Tyson means "firebrand," and is the perfect name for U.S. Track and Field runner Tyson Gay.



Tom Pennington/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Ryan means "little king," but the name works well for both boys and girls. And it's especially fitting for American swimmer Ryan Lochte, who is the king of the pool as an 11-time Olympic medalist.



Andy Lyons/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Allyson Felix is a member of the US Track and Field team, and has won six medals in her three Olympic appearances. A variation of Allison, the name means "noble."



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Gabby is short for Gabrielle, which means "God is my strength." But there is nothing short about gymnast, Gabby Douglas, who is returning for her second Olympics this year. She won two gold medals as part of Team USA in London.




The name Usain is Arabic for "beautiful." Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt is one of the most decorated track and field athletes of all time, setting a record for the men's 100 meters at the 2012 games.



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Simone Biles is one of the shining stars on the United States Women's Gymnastics team, and is favored to win five gold medals at the Rio games. The name Simone means "hearkening."



Shaun Botterill/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Serena means "tranquil, serene," but United States tennis sensation, Serena Williams is anything but serene when she takes to the court. She's ranked number one in the world in women's singles tennis.



Mike Stobe/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Kerri is a variation of the name Kerry, which means "dark, dark haired." Although she's a blond, beach volleyball sensation, Kerri Walsh Jennings is hoping to win another gold medal this time around in Rio.



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Katie is a popular short version of Katherine, which means "pure." Swimming sensation, Katie Ledecky is pure awesomeness in the pool. She was 15 when she won the gold medal in the 800-meter freestyle at the 2012 games.



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A list of Olympic-inspired names wouldn't be complete without the name of the most decorated olympian. The name Michael, which means "who is like God?" seems appropriate for someone who dominates in the pool like Michael Phelps.



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A short version of Gwendolyn, Gwen means "white circle." Gwen Jorgensen is hoping to be wearing a gold circle around her neck in Rio, as one of the favorites in the triathlon.



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Nine-time NBA All-Star and New York Knicks' starter, Carmelo Anthony, is bringing his A game to Rio as part of the USA Men's Basketball team. Carmelo means "cultivated terrain."



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The name Alex means "defending men." Alex Morgan of the U.S. women's Soccer Team is returning to help her team defend their gold medal. She was a member of the 2012 team that took home the gold.