21 Baby Names That Start With "A" For Your Absolutely Adorable Angel


Maybe it's because the letter "A" is linked in my head to good grades and making my parents proud, but I've always had a soft spot for names beginning with that letter. If I ever have a girl, her middle name will be my sister's first name, Amy. There are plenty of reasons why a particular letter can stick out to you and there's no right or wrong way to go about choosing which moniker you think fits your munchkin best. If you want to start at the beginning, there are plenty of baby names that start with "A" for your baby-to-be.

Baby names that begin with the first letter of the alphabet are an added bonus if this is going to be your first child. If you plan to have more, you continue the theme and just go in alphabetical order. Additionally, since many lovely words start with "A," I've known of parents who specifically chose it so that they could spell something out that had significance to them by using their child's initials.

Even if you aren't totally set on using the first letter as the inspiration for your future son's or daughter's name, it's still fun to explore your options. So here are some interesting, unique, and beautiful baby names that start with "A."

1. Arvo

Typically a moniker for a boy, Arvo means "of value and worth" in Finnish. Obviously you'll be a bit biased, but you know your little one is of the utmost value and importance to you.

2. Amelia

The longer version of Amy, Amelia means "industrious and striving" and has its roots in both Germanic and Latin-American origins. It looks like Amelia Earhart lived up to her ambitious name.

3. Ainsley

A unisex option for either a boy or a girl, Ainsley has an aristocratic feel to it and that's probably because the name originated in England. Ainsley means "my own meadow" in Old English.

4. Agatha

If you want a name that is unique and takes its inspiration from literature, look no further than Agatha, which simply means "good" in Greek. Any book lover will instantly recognize your child shares her name with the iconic Agatha Christie.

5. Alcide

A variation of Hercules, Alcide means "strength" in Greek. It's no surprise that Alcide was also the name of the powerful and strapping alpha werewolf character on True Blood.

6. Akira

Akira is the Japanese word for "bright" and can be used for either a boy or a girl. Who doesn't like the sound of a dazzling, starry name for their little one?

7. Augustine

Derived from Roman emperor Augustus, the name Augustine means "great wealth." St. Augustine is also the oldest city in the U.S. and is located in Florida.

8. Adelaide

Another classic choice for a more traditional sounding name, Adelaide comes from the German word for "noble." Talk about being a timeless option, the name even goes as far back as the 10th century.

9. Ashton


A nature-inspired name for your either your future daughter or son, Ashton means "from the ash tree" in Old English. The nickname Ash sounds pretty cute, too.

10. Athena

A powerful name with its roots in Greek mythology, Athena means "one who possesses wisdom," since she was the goddess of wisdom and was known for her heroic and fearless endeavors.

11. Abiram

The name Abiram means "father of great heights" in Hebrew and is usually used for a boy's name.

12. Ahimsa

A concept seen throughout Near Eastern religions, Ahimsa as both a virtue and a name that means "non-violence and compassion" in Sanskrit. This name can be used for either gender.

13. Alexander

A traditional boy's name that has been around for centuries, Alexander means "to defend or help" in Greek. One of the most memorable bearers of the name was Alexander the Great, a great option for your son during Halloween, right?

14. Abbie

Short for Abigail, Abbie means "my father is joy" in Hebrew. The name sounds even sweeter once you know its meaning.

15. Arion

For any parent who loves music and hopes to inspire a little artist of their own, Arion means "with melody" in Hebrew and can be for either a boy or a girl.

16. Arika

The Aboriginal word for "waterlily," Arika is a beautiful name for your future daughter and brings to mind tranquil waterside views.

17. Akash

Primarily used for boys, Akash means "open sky" in Sanskrit. Who knows? Maybe your son will be a pilot or an astronomer when he grows up.

18. Avery

This unisex option means "nobility" in French. Avery is a classic name but definitely has a modern feel.

19. Ansel

A boy's name that has gained some recent popularity, Ansel means "God's protection" in German.

20. Alana

Alana is the feminine form of Alan, which means "noble stone" in Celtic. Allie also makes a pretty adorable nickname, too.

21. Arlie

Arlie, which works for either gender, means "eagle wood" in Olde English. Definitely a fun option for parents who like rare names.