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21 Celebrities You Forgot Were in Disney Channel Original Movies

If you grew up in the '90s and early 2000s, then I'm sure sitting in front of the television on Fridays to catch the newest Disney Channel Original Movie (or DCOM as the cool kids called it) was one of your favorite past times. From the cult classics like Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century and Halloweentown to the less popular, but still beloved flicks like Double Team and Motocrossed, DCOMs were literally the best thing since sliced bread back then. With all of the movies that graced us during that time, it's easy to have an "ah ha" moment when going back to watch and noticing celebrities you forgot were in Disney Channel Original Movies.

Regardless of what your favorite DCOM is, seeing the then childhood stars all grown up now has to supply a nostalgic feeling. There's a certain sense of respect for all of the stars that are now regulars on our screens who made an appearance in Disney's beloved list of throwback films. Truth be told, I actually get super excited when I notice that it's them and put two and two together. It's like a bit of my childhood comes back and meets me as an adult to give me a big pat on the back for growing up with these certain celebrities.

If your memory hasn't been serving its purpose lately, this list of 21 celebrities that were in DCOMs will help remind you.


Katherine Heigl

Before Katherine Heigl was busy saving lives on Grey's Anatomy, she was strutting her stuff as the older Wheaton sister in Wish Upon a Star.


Bryan Cranston

Prior to becoming Breaking Bad's meth slinger, Bryan Cranston was the cool and trouble making uncle in Disney's 'Twas the Night.


Hayden Panettiere

Nashville might have been Hayden Panettiere's most recent role, but she started off her career by sailing the waters on the Tiger Cruise.


America Ferrera

Since her appearance in the dance film Gotta Kick It Up, America Ferrera has done amazing things in acting that includes a starring role as Betty Suarez on Ugly Betty.


Kristen Stewart

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Sure Kristen Stewart is super famous now due to her role in the Twilight saga, but many never noticed the bang wearing extra in Disney's The Thirteenth Year.


Kat Dennings

Though she's known as one of the stars of 2 Broke Girls now, back in 2002, Kat Dennings was one half of The Scream Team.


Gary Cole

Hilary Duff wasn't the only star of Cadet Kelly. Gary Cole, who has been seen in films such as Dodgeball and Talladega Nights, starred as Duff's military step-father.


Katey Sagal

Loved Peggy Bundy from Married...with Children? You should remember her character Pat from the popular television film Smart House then.


Emmy Rossum

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With a solid résumé under her belt, it's hard to remember that Emmy Rossum was once the intellectual beauty in the 1999 film Genius.


Keke Palmer

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Though Keke Palmer has landed many roles since starring in the 2007 DCOM Jump In!, she'll always be remembered as the little girl who loved Corbin Bleu's character Izzy.


Raven Symone

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Widely remembered for her role in the Disney show That's So Raven, old school Disney Channel watchers definitely remember Raven-Symoné as Nebula Ward in Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.


Taran Killam

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Although the Saturday Night Live! funny man has made fans laugh over the years, many forget that Taran Killam was just a pop singer trying to get his phone back in Disney's Stuck in the Suburbs.


Kaley Cuoco

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Now a star on the long running show The Bang Bang Theory, kaley Cuoco was once knocking down spares as a character on Alley Cats Strike.


Mischa Barton

Nabbing the starring role in the 2002 DCOM, A Ring of Endless Light, Mischa Barton stole our hearts and made it hard to be forgettable.


Erika Christensen

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Before she was starring in Parenthood, Erika Christensen was busy capturing the heart of her co-star in the 1999 DCOM, Can of Worms.


Kevin Connolly

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Although non-DCOM fans may know Kevin Connolly from his role in the popular series Entourage, DCOM fans will remember him from playing the villain in Disney's Up, Up and Away.


Brie Larson

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Serving as half of the sisterly drag racing duo in the DCOM Right on Track in 2003, Brie Larson has definitely been making strides in the entertainment field since.


Camilla Belle

Though she's no longer hitting the waves as one of the Rip Girls, Camilla Belle has been keeping super busy with starring roles in many films.


Alison Pill

With a plethora of film and television roles tucked under her belt tightly, Alison Pill's role as Maggie Jordan in The Newsroom is probably what made her most famous. But there's no way she'll ever forget her role in the 2002 DCOM, The Other Me.


Jared Padalecki

Along with DCOM alum's Mischa Barton and Ryan Merriman, Gilmore Girls star Jared Padalecki tugged on all the right heart strings in the early 2000s with the film, A Ring of Endless Light.


Finn Wittrock

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Though Finn Wittrock is a regular character in the American Horror Story brands, it was his appearance in 2004's Halloweentown High that showed his creepy side.