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21 Celebs Who Worked While Pregnant

Being pregnant can feel like a full time job, hence why society pressures moms to "take it easy" over those 10 months. Even celebrity moms may feel like they have to take time off, but many decide to keep working in spite of (or, rather, in support or) their growing belly. Most recently, Gal Gadot has been praised for her dedication to film and promote Wonder Women while pregnant. But Gadot isn't the only one. There are plenty of celebrity moms who worked while pregnant that should inspire pregnant moms everywhere, no matter what their job may be.

According to Business Insider, Gadot was five months pregnant while she filmed Wonder Woman — no doubt earning her the title of "real life Wonder Woman." Knowing that Gadot and many other stars didn't let their pregnancies slow them down can act as an encouragement to real moms hoping to strike a healthy work-pregnancy balance before their baby arrives. Even though you might not have to shimmy into a superhero suit while growing a baby, the demands of any job can be tough to keep up with while pregnant. These women prove that if they can do it, anyone can.


Kerry Washington

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The Scandal star told Us Weekly that she had to hide her baby bump for much of Season 6, filming five episodes before her son was born.


Reese Witherspoon

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Reese Witherspoon had to cleverly hide her bump during the filming of Vanity Fair, according to People.



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Even while carrying twins, Beyoncé's work routine has been nothing short of intense. The New York Times reported that she was able to perform numerous shows while pregnant, including the Grammys, a feat that singlehandedly earns her the Queen Bey crown.


Claire Danes

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The Homeland star stayed on her feet for most of her pregnancy making her weight gain harder to notice, according to Total Beauty. Danes told the publication that she shot episodes right up to her due date.


Cobie Smulders

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How I Met Your Mother was notorious for hiding the stars' baby bumps in creative ways, according to E! Online. PopCrush noted that the show often used excess layers of clothing to hide Smulder's bump.


Alyson Hannigan

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Smulders wasn't the only How I Met Your Mother star who was pregnant during the show. Hannigan was actually pregnant first, followed closely by Smulders, causing the show to cover up two pregnancies in one season, according to The Chicago Tribune.


Isla Fischer

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Metro reported that Isla Fisher also hid her baby bump while filming for the movie Burke and Hare.


Ellen Pompeo

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Although Ellen Pompeo got pregnant in 2009, her character on Grey's Anatomy did not. The show hid the bump and Pompeo worked throughout the duration of her pregnancy, according to Business Insider.


Halle Berry

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According to Us Weekly, Halle Berry filmed X-Men: Days of Future Past while pregnant, despite the challenges of fitting into her skintight suit. She told the magazine that she wasn't in the movie as much as she wanted to be because of her pregnancy and, instead, filmed her scenes quickly since she wasn't willing to drop the role.


Courtney Cox

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The Friends star was pregnant on the show, according to Inqusitr, as was her co-star Lisa Kudrow, whose character Phoebe became pregnant.


Kate Winslet

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Kate Winslet was pregnant during the 2014 release of Divergent, according to People, and the movie strategically covered up her pregnancy with props and lots of black, tailored suits. It gets even more impressive though — the magazine reported that Winslet continued to do her own stunts for the movie while pregnant.


Helena Bonham Carter

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During the 2007 filming of Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Suggest noted that Bonham Carter's costumes were designed to hide her pregnancy.


Angela Kinsey

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Kinsey's character from The Office wasn't just extra dedicated to her desk during Season 4 of the show. Kinsey was actually pregnant while filming, and worked despite the bump, according to The Stir.


Debra Messing

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During the sixth season of Will and Grace, Messing found out she was expecting. The aforementioned Business Insider article noted that the show's costume designers opted for looser clothing as opposed to her usual tight cropped tops to hide her pregnancy.


Naomi Watts

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According to USA Today, the actress found out that she was pregnant only two weeks into shooting Eastern Promises. Luckily, her role as a midwife came in handy only a few months later as she delivered her own baby.


January Jones

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, January Jone's real-life pregnancy was partially responsible for her character's noticeable weight gain during Season 5 of Mad Men. For Betty Draper, however, the weight gain played into her longstanding battle with depression.


Julia Roberts

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During the filming of Oceans Eleven, Julia Robert's learned that she was pregnant with twins. According to The Bump, the movie cleverly disguised the pregnancy (or rather highlighted it,) by letting Roberts play none other than herself.


Zooey Deschanel

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Although Zooey Deschanel did take time off for maternity leave, New Girl cleverly worked in ways to hide her pregnancy until that time came. With the introduction of Megan Fox's character to the cast and Deschanel's jury duty sentence, the New Girl progressed as normal, Uproxx noted.


Amy Poehler

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Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler was pregnant twice on the set of the show. E! Online noted that her Poehler's pregnancy didn't affect the show's production, only requiring to to take a short hiatus.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus

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According to Entertainment Weekly, the Seinfeld disguised Louis-Dreyfus' pregnancy but had her character shipped "off on a trip with her psychotherapist boyfriend" while she gave birth.


Betsy Brandt

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Not only did Breaking Bad producers cleverly cover up Betsy Brandt's pregnancy, but they used p and she continued working, even using her own belly during close up shots or her stomach for Skyler's pregnancy storyline, according to Complex.