21 Celebrity Parenting Tweets That Prove Even A-List Moms & Dads Struggle

Celebrity parents often have the sort of money and resources that most moms and dads only dream about. After all, with a whole host of caretakers and nannies at their disposal, it may look like these parents have it pretty easy. But some of these celebrity parenting tweets prove even A-list moms and dad suffer their share of #parenitngfails. It looks like kid puke and diaper disasters are the real equalizers that no amount of money or fame can take away.

Fortunately, most celebrity parents have a great sense of humor when it comes to their offspring’s quirks. Even when they’re deep in the trenches, these parents take a second to tweet about the absurd and adorable aspects that come along with parenting. Even on the occasions when the kid is clearly winning that round.

Whether it’s Kristen Bell calling out impossible child locks or Christina Applegate wondering what’s up with kids and poop jokes, these celebrity tweets show that some aspects of parenting are universal. So the next time you’re coping with a screaming baby in an airplane or wondering whether you’ll ever have time to shower again, take heart: many celebrities are just like you! And if one of them rolls up to the Academy Awards with some spit-up on her top, you’ll understand. It’s just a parenting thing.


Brave Dad

Kristen Bell knows a good dad when she sees one. And it looks like this pair has their hands full when the kid gets sick.


Childcare At 20,000 Feet

Air travel with young kids is not for the faint of heart. But Olivia Wilde has kindly offered to make it a public service.



Sneaky kids can make even the simplest situation complicated. Thankfully Kelly Clarkson has a sense of humor about these parenting challenges.



Anna Faris seems to approve of her kid's home renovations. But it would be impossible to get mad at a dude with such heart-meltingly adorable glasses.


Truth Bomb

Being too busy to shower is a reality for celebrity moms as well. At least Christina Applegate isn't afraid to fess up about this truth.


Fail Averted

Think about that. Actually, don't think about it for too long. Jenny Mollen knows how to keep things in perspective.


Meal Prep

Preparing all of that healthy food takes a toll on your manicure. But Kristen Bell is thinking way ahead. (Seriously: her entire Twitter feed is full of excellent parenting observations.)



Messiness and kids go together like peanut butter and jelly. But Alyson Hannigan looks like she's trying to fight the good fight.


True Love

Who knew diaper explosions could lead to such nice bonding time? At least Olivia Wilde knows when to look on the bright side.


Alone Time

Even celebrity moms don't get enough privacy. Busy Phillips knows what's up.


Help A Mother Out

Can you relate to Kelly Clarkson's sad state? Going without coffee is something that no mom should have to face.


The Dirty Work

David Schwimmer doesn't dodge the realities of childrearing. Definitely not the most glamorous side of parenting, but he seems to have a good attitude about it.


Back Sass

Messes are inevitable when kids are involved. And Anna Faris's kid can't stop his playtime to help clean up, obvi.


Highbrow Humor

The things kids find hilarious can be baffling. But Christina Applegate probably cracked up at her kid's comedic attempts.



Dax Shepard doesn't flinch from the trials of fatherhood. He just activates beast mode and goes for it.


Aging You

Most people don't like having someone guess that far outside of their actual age range. But in this case the adorable Stella Luna gets a pass. I can't imagine Ellen Pompeo thinking this is anything other than precious.


He's Not Wrong

It sounds like this kid has things figured out. At least Alyssa Milano appreciates his youthful wisdom.


Play On Words

Sometimes your kids are a step ahead and you just have to admit defeat. Chances are Alyson Hannigan got a laugh out of this situation.


Is That All?

It could be worse, Busy Phillips. It could be much worse.


Baby Talk

Such adorable speech can make up for just about anything. Even the biggest messes can't phase Dax Shepard.


Parenting Win

Kristen Bell gets the last word because she's that hilarious. And there's everything right about praising an excellent dadbeast.