21 Christmas Baby Names That Will Be Merry & Bright All Year Long (For Years To Come)


Suspect you have a Christmas baby on the way? Parents might want to commemorate the super special day with a name that fits the occasion. Rich with symbolism and characters, the holiday season provides a wealth of material to inspire names that range from beautiful and powerful to jolly and sweet, and any one of them would would be perfect for your Christmas Day arrival. Below, I've provided a list of Christmas baby names that would be perfect for your little one should they decide to give you the holiday gift of a lifetime.

If your baby does arrive on Christmas Day, you should know that the birthday is becoming exceedingly rare. In fact, Dec. 25 ranks dead last at 366th in possible birth dates, placing behind even Feb. 29 (the dreaded leap year birthday), according to The Daily Viz. There are a variety of possible reasons that range from the seasons people are most likely to get busy conceiving (that would be the holidays, folks) to the modern tendency to schedule births — moms and doctors prefer to enjoy their holiday, thanks. So if you're having a Christmas baby, it's most likely that your labor will begin on its own and won't be stopped by holiday hours. Should that happen, it's best to have a special name in your back pocket just in case. (And don't forget about the possibility of your baby coming on Christmas Eve! There's a list for that, too.)


This lovely name is French for Christmas, as reported by BabyNames.com, so it literally tells everyone your little girl's birthday is December 25.


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This vibrant name is derived from Old French and means "day of the Lord's birth," according to Nameberry.


A longtime standby for boys, Joseph means "God will increase" according to Parents, and was the name of Jesus' earthly father.


Stella means "star" in Latin, said Babynames.com, and is reminiscent of the star that led the Wise Men to the manger where Jesus lay.


For those who want to commemorate the place of Jesus' birth but think Bethlehem might be a bit much, you can always shorten it to this common girl's name which actually means "pledged to God" (according to Nameberry).


Christmas happens during the darkest time of the year, and Lucy means "bringer of light," explained Parents.


Another option if you like Bethlehem but dislike its length, Belen is the Spanish word for the place of Jesus' birth, Babynames.com said, and a beautiful choice.


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As per Nameberry, Balthazar is derived from Greek and means "Baal protects the king;" he was also one of the Wise Men who traveled to baby Jesus' Manger.


As the name of another Wise Man, Caspar is of Persian origin and means "treasurer," said Parents.


French for "white," according to BabyNames.com, which elicits snow drifts and bright, wintry days.


Soft and pretty, Nameberry gave the meaning of meaning of Celeste as "heavenly," so it's perfect for your little angel.


Hebrew for "gift," according to BabyNames.com, a little boy named Jesse will know he was the perfect Christmas present to his family.



For a more religious moniker, naming a child for Jesus Christ is an obvious choice for believers.


Take inspiration from the land of Jesus and his people with this name that Nameberry defined as "he who struggles with God."


Meaning "God is with us," according to Nameberry, this name is commonly known from the Advent and Christmas hymn "O Come, O Come, Emannuel."


This sweet, festive name is as bright as the leaves and berries that How Stuff Works said people have used for centuries to deck the holiday halls.


Ivy was a sacred plan to the Celts, said Travel France Online, and was incorporated into Christmas celebrations with holly to symbolize resurrection and eternity. And it sounds really pretty, too.



The feminine form of Charles, according to Nameberry, this musical name is best for Christmas girls born with a song in their heart.


Meaning "God is gracious," Nameberry said, Jeannette is one of the two maids who finds the holy family in the stable in the French carol, "Bring A Torch, Jeannette, Isabella."


Babynames.com gave the meaning for Isabella as "God is my oath," and she is the second maid to find Jesus in the stable in "Bring A Torch, Jeannette, Isabella" (as you might have guessed!).


Of course, we can't forget Mary, Jesus' mother and Christmas co-star. According to Nameberry, it was the most common and enduring name in the English-speaking world until the 1940s.

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