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21 Really, Really Cute Easter Dresses For Toddlers & Kids

Spring is finally here, and if the weather where you live doesn't prove it yet, a trip to the mall certainly will. Stores are rolling out their spring and summer offerings, and that includes tons of beautiful Easter 2019 dresses for kids. No matter what your budget is, or whether you're going to a fancy brunch or simply hanging out at home, you can find a sweet dress that'll look totally adorable in all your Easter pics.

My 3-year-old is the kind of tot who's constantly running, jumping, and climbing, so I don't squeeze her into big poofy dresses all that often. Easter, however, is definitely an exception. I simply can't resist all the gorgeous pastel colors, sweet floral patterns, and cute silhouettes when I hit up a store's dress section. I'm thankful she's still young enough to wear what I buy without complaint, because I'm seriously going to be so bummed when she's old enough to start picking out her own outfits.

Here are 20 gorgeous dresses perfect for Easter Sunday, and I apologize in advance that none of them come in grown up sizes — you're definitely going to be jealous of your little one's fab Easter look if you snag one of these.