21 Fascinating Books Most Added To Amazon Wish Lists You'll Be Hooked On

by Lauren Schumacker

Years ago, Amazon wasn't yet the place where you bought snacks and clothes and electronics and decor and beauty products, it was just a site where you ordered books and made lists (of books). The wish list feature is one that's survived the site's expansion — though, of course, now you can add more than just books — and you can actually learn a lot of interesting things by looking at what gets added to these lists. It can be overwhelming to find new books to read on Amazon, but the fascinating books most added to Amazon wish lists are a pretty good place to start.

Essentially, each day, the company updates the list of "most wished for" items in each category. So, theoretically at least, it's a never-ending source of great books that you should be reading, according to other Amazon users who have either read them in the past or just think they sound fantastic. It's also a good resource for books from categories that you may or may not normally read, like some nonfiction, poetry, mystery, true crime, or even young adult and children's books. While not all of the books might sound good to you, you're sure to find some fascinating and worth-while winners on the list.


Tribe Of Mentors: Short Life Advice From The Best In The World

This book is a compilation of all kinds of advice, tips, and tricks from people around the world that are among the best at what they do. If you're looking for a career, routine, or life reboot, this book, from the author of The 4-Hour Workweek, will get you started.

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Ready Player One

This book takes place in 2045, where things aren't going so well. Teenager Wade Watts prefers to escape to a virtual world called OASIS to avoid what's going on in the present. As Wade (and others) struggle to figure out the puzzles left behind by the world's creator — the winner is promised a ton of power — he discovers that things are more serious than he thought and that his life might actually be at risk.

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Women In Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed The World

If you think that you know all about the men who've impacted the worlds of science, technology, and mathematics, but don't know much about the women who've done so, this is the book for you. This book covers 50 brilliant women over the course of history and tells the stories of the contributions they've made that might be invisible to most people.

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Astrophysics For People In A Hurry

Have you ever wondered about some of life — and the planet's — biggest questions? In this book, Neil DeGrasse Tyson will provide you with the answers, written in such a way that you can actually understand them.

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Leonardo Da Vinci

While you might recognize his artwork, chances are, there's an awful lot that you don't know about Leonardo da Vinci, who was a true Renaissance man in every sense of the term. Da Vinci discovered — and did — more than you might realize and this book will keep you reading right until the end.

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Killers Of The Flower Moon: The Osage Murders And The Birth Of The FBI

There are a lot of people who don't know that much about the events described in this book. In the 1920s, members of the Osage Indian nation in Oklahoma began to die suddenly, often under mysterious circumstances. The FBI mishandled the cases and a replacement was named to investigate what was happening. Together, investigators uncovered far more than they ever expected.

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The Hate U Give

Starr Carter is 16-years-old when she witnesses her childhood best friend get shot by a police officer. As the story makes national news, sparking protests and Starr's family is intimidated, she realizes that she's the only one that can verify what happened that night. The only problem is how will people react and will she put herself in danger by saying it?

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Origin: A Novel

In this book, Harvard professor Robert Langdon travels to Bilbao, Spain for the revelation of a discovery that's rumored will change science forever. When the scheduled event becomes chaotic and dangerous, Langdon and museum director Ambra Vidal are forced to escape to Barcelona to avoid danger as well as track down the password for the discovery. They're up against powerful forces, however, so do they even stand a chance?

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Bush Craft 101: A Field Guide To The Art Of Wilderness Survival

Have you ever wanted to know how to make it in the backcountry, but didn't know where you should even start? This book, written by an expert survivalist, will give you the inside scoop. It just might also make you feel a little more connected to the natural world around you, as well.

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Atlas Obscura: An Explorer's Guide To The World's Hidden Wonders

Nature is amazing. Want proof? This book will take you to over 700 of the world's most marvelous sites that you don't know much about. Travel all around the world — with guides — without ever leaving your house.

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Sapiens: A Brief History Of Humankind

This book, by an expert historian, tells the story of the rise of today's only species of humans, homo sapiens. You'll discover what happened to the humans of old as well as what could end up happening to this current species — your species.

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The Power

Called "our era's The Handmaid's Tale" by Ron Charles of the Washington Post, this book looks at what the world would be like if women suddenly had an entirely new power that allowed them to cause pain, injury, and even death. You'll be rapt from the beginning.

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Here We Are: Notes For Living On Planet Earth

This book is written from Jeffers to his own child and is all about what he hopes the world will be like for them. It's the perfect book for new parents or for parents to give as a gift to their children.

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What If?: Serious Scientific Answers To Absurd Hypothetical Questions

While you may or may not have ever thought to actually ask some of these questions, you'll surely be entertained by the funny, yet thoughtful responses that Munroe provides in this book. Whether you're a xkcd fan or not, this will be a fun read from start to finish.

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Homo Deus: A Brief History Of Tomorrow

Humans finally figured out how to manage the formerly-unmanageable events of famine, war, and plagues, as Harari explains in this book. Because those used to be the most concerning and uncontrollable things that could happen, Harari goes on to postulate what humans might have to tackle next, as well as how they can keep themselves from self-destructing and protect their own future.

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Lincoln In The Bardo: A Novel

President Lincoln's son Willie dies after getting sick, even though it was thought that he'd eventually recover. He's then buried in a cemetery in Georgetown. All of that actually happened, but from there on, the rest of the book is fiction. Willie meets many spirits in the cemetery, where he's stuck in a bardo, a sort of Tibetan purgatory, not yet knowing what will end up happening to his soul.

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Rocket Science For Babies

This might be one of the most advanced board books you and your baby will ever read. It explains, in relatively simple terms, the basics of aerospace engineering. Both you and your baby are sure to learn something.

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Exit West: A Novel

Opposites Nadia and Saeed meet when their country seems headed for a civil war. They fall in love and, when the violence seems to only be escalating, start to hear rumors of a door that'll allow them to escape, though at a price, and decide to risk it all, hoping to somehow stay safe.

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Quantum Physics For Babies

Like Rocket Science for Babies, this board book is awfully impressive. Learn all about quantum physics and atoms alongside your baby. You'll feel smarter by the time you get to the end. Not a bad deal for a book made for babies.

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Little Leaders: Bold Women In Black History

This book tells the stories of 40 black women who made major impacts on the course of American history and about whom you probably don't know enough. Each story, about women ranging from well-known to practically unknown, is paired with illustrations, so it's great for young and old.

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Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls

This book is a collection of stories about 100 women from throughout history meant to inspire kids through empowering bedtime stories. Not only that, but each story is accompanied by an illustration, and each illustration was created by a female artist. Whether you want it for your kids or for yourself, this book is sure to delight.

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