21 Funny Tweets About Baby Sleep That'll Make You Thankful For The Few Zs You Get


When my sister became a parent, one of the things she complained about the most was the little to no sleep that she got every night. Though she said she enjoyed being a new mom, getting adjusted to a new sleep schedule — a.k.a. no sleep at all — was killing her. As true as it may have been, she still managed to find humor in her sleepless nights by looking through funny tweets about baby sleep and reminding herself that she's not alone in the struggle.

From seeing other parents who struggled to find sleep every night to those who had some of the weirdest experiences while their children slept, the general tweet consensus from parents was that sleep was pretty much non-existent for them. No matter if there was a newborn in the house or a toddler running around bare-bottomed, getting the little one's to bed is a feat that parents everywhere go through. And even worse than getting them to bed is keeping them there through the night.

So, if you're feeling a little drained and need a little "pick me up" to keep from crying yourself into the next morning, these 21 tweets from parents going through it with you will bring a smile to your face.

1. Desires Of Your Heart

Pretty please let them come true.

2. Lights Out

It worked out for all of us.

3. Rub Downs

Oh, you fancy huh?

4. Red Bull

Or the Energizer Bunny.

5. Got Ya

Try again.

6. From My Soul

Do they ever sleep?

7. Reminscing

No, really. Can I have those days back?

8. The Toddler Games

No sleep allowed.

9. Life's Not Fair

Why me?

10. Cry It Out

Later on in life they'll think of this as "therapeutic."

11. All The Same

Good night, indeed.

12. Let's Get Comfortable

Or feel like we're wading in the water.

13. Claim Who You Want To Be

What if I claimed "sleep" as my name?

14. Secret Society

Quiet texters band together!

15. Who Lost Sleep, Here?

Maybe she's confused.

16. What Sleep?

Can we have a do over?

17. Two Against One

No one likes me.

18. Empty Threats

At least it sounded good, right?

19. Fighting Temptations

Sleep is only tempting to me though, I guess.

20. Sleepless Nights

Thanks, kids.

21. Come As You Are

Even to work.