21 Irish Baby Names That'll Fill Your Baby With Luck & Love


Do you come from a meat and potato kind of family? Do you count down the days to St. Patrick's Day, longing for the chance to don every green article of clothing in your closet? Do you bleed orange and green? Then congratulations. You just might be Irish (or, last least, have a huge love and appreciation for their culture.) And if you're a mom-to-be with roots in Éire, then chances are you're looking into Irish baby names for your wee one.

Of course, you can still gift your baby with an Irish-inspired moniker even if your family doesn't come from the land of the Blarney Stone. Because names with Irish roots are too great to limit to people of certain heritage. Irish monikers not only come with some inspiring meaning, but beautiful backstories. Take the name Patrick, for example. A name that means "noble," Patrick was also the name of the patron saint of Ireland. Before he became a saint, Patrick was taken prisoner and held captive for six years, according to History.com. He eventually escaped and, after rigorous religious training, returned to Ireland as a missionary (though the word is still out on whether he drove the snakes out of the country.) He died on March 17, and is honored today with parades, parties, and plenty of greenery.

Of course, you may prefer your child to have a more unique Irish name or that isn't associated with heavy drinking. If that's the case, check out these 21 beautiful Irish baby names that any child — Irish or not — would be lucky to have.

1. Delaney


A beautiful gender-neutral name meaning "dark challenger," this Irish moniker captures the strength of your future little one.

2. Nolan


Think your baby is number one? The Irish name Nolan means "champion," which is pretty perfect.

3. Aisling


Pronounced Ash-lynn, Aisling means "dream or vision," which is exactly what your little girl is to you.

4. Lorcan


Meaning "little and fierce," Lorcan is the perfect name for a baby boy that exhibits strength early one.

5. Siobhan


Pronounced Sheh-vahn, Siobhan means, "the Lord is gracious." If you are a very religious person, then this would be a great name for your little girl.

6. Braden


A common boy's name meaning "wide valley," Braden is slowly becoming a great pick for a girl's name too.

7. Regan


Once a popular boy's name, Regan, which means "little king," has risen in popularity among girls. But no matter what the trends say, it's a great gender-neutral option.

8. Quinn


According to Nameberry, Quinn was one of the first gender-neutral Irish names. Not to mention there are so many amazing TV characters with this surname.

9. Killian


It may seem a little old school, but Killian is the name of many Irish saints. How can you go wrong with that?

10. Senan


Stemmed from the Latin word "senator," Senan means "old and wise," and would make for a great boy's name.

11. Conal


Meaning "strong as a wolf," Conal will be more than appropriate when your baby is howling the night away.

12. Cliona


Pronounced Clee-uh-na, this Irish name means shapely and could be a good way to instill body positivity in your daughter.

13. Saoirse


Made popular recently by the star of Brooklyn, Saoirse (pronounced Seer-sha) means "liberty."

14. Finn


Finn plays a big part in Irish heritage. According to Nameberry, Finn was a hero in Irish mythology who was known for his wisdom and generosity.

15. Fia


Short, sweet, and completely unique, Fia means "wild," which is a great trait for your child to possess.

16. Declan


Though the meaning of this Irish moniker is a little unclear, many sites suggest the name means "man of prayer." Whether you're religious or not, it's a great option.

17. Dara


It may be simple, but Dara comes with many meanings, including "pearl of wisdom," and "oak tree."

18. Aidan


I've always loved the name Aidan and for good reason — it means "little and fiery" which are the traits I hope my future child posses. And the fact that it's gender-neutral makes it even better!

19. Emer


Was your baby's delivery a quick one? Then this Irish name meaning "swift" would be a perfect pick.

20. Corey


A great choice for a boy or girl, Corey means "from the hollow." A little spooky, but still a sweet name.

21. Ronan


Meaning "little seal," Ronan has become a popular gender-neutral moniker for kids.