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21 Life-Changing Products On Amazon For Left-Handed People

As a right-handed person, I am ashamed to admit how oblivious we often are toward folks who are left-handed. The world caters to us so much that products most people wouldn't think twice about are actually designed with righties in mind. That means our southpaw brothers and sisters often have to put up with common tools that suit their dominant hand awkwardly. Thank goodness there are left-handed products on Amazon for the times when they just can't take it any more. (And why should they?)

The worldwide bias against people with dominant left hands is real. Dextral people are assumed to be more trustworthy while others are suspect. Ever heard of a "left-handed compliment?" Trust me, it's not a good thing. There's so much ignorance toward kids who don't learn to write with their right hand that even a teacher called a pre-schooler "evil," reported Oklahoma station KFOR. Of course, that's the extreme, but instances like that contribute to a world where lefties feel, well... left out and ignored.

Even though left-handed people make up 10 percent of the world, according to HuffPost, that's no reason they should have to get along without essential items made to fit their preference. Long live the lefties!


Comfortable Scissors

By far one of the most commonly needed everyday items, these ergonomic scissors provide a specially designed comfort grip. They cut through paper, cardboard, and fabric (although I wouldn't suggest using them for all three at once). Best of all, a three-pack means you can put each pair in a different area of the house.


A Gardening Knife

Serious gardeners need an array of tools to make sure their plant babies can live their best lives. A sharp gardening knife you don't have to struggle to hold is sure to make grafting a cinch. Now if only it could cure brown thumb...


A Set Of Pens

Much to everyone's annoyance, pens are a common item that people often steal, reported USA Today. Replace your missing writing utensil with these genius ones.


A Pack Of Memo Books

If you're anything like me, you keep a collection of empty notebooks "just in case." For frequent doodlers, scribbling in this trio of southpaw-oriented books will feel a lot better. I like the utilitarian feel of these portable Field Notes packs.


A Quality Keyboard

An ergonomic keyboard is a must-have for lefties who need to type comfortably, especially for work. It's worth the splurge if you're trying to avoid improper wrist placement after long days on the computer. That 10-key number pad is a life-saver.


A Set of Kitchen Tools

Bet you didn't know that even kitchen utensils are normally built for right-handed cooks, too? Stir to your heart's content with this set of spatulas and slotted tools. I love that one of them even has a notch so you can rest it on the left side of the pot while cooking.


A Fancy Door Handle

Who doesn’t love a thoughtful accent on a door? Switching out plain door knobs for this left-facing beauty is an easy home improvement project that you’ll be kicking yourself for not trying earlier.


An Upgraded Computer Mouse

Believe it or not, in a world of tablets and laptops with trackpads, some of us still prefer to use an old-fashioned mouse to navigate computers. A wireless, vertical mouse with thumb rests and grips provides a sure, comfortable fit for frequent computer users. A game-changer for people who have creaky joints.


A Bidet For Your Business

Do you bidet? Amazon reviewers swear by this attachment to the porcelain throne to clean themselves without wiping. Spray warm water where the sun doesn’t shine and it’s apparently guaranteed to change your life. (Or just your potty time).


A Handy-Dandy Corkscrew

A corkscrew is one of those utensils I always see in the drawer when I don’t need it, but can never find it when I have a bottle of Merlot calling my name. This gadget contains a knife, corkscrew, bottle gripper, and bottle opener. Stash it in an easy-to-remember place so you never have to wait longer than a few seconds for your wine fix.


A Measuring Cup

One of my kitchen pet peeves is when the red paint on plastic measuring cups eventually chips off so you can’t see it any more. A heavy-duty glass cup with measurements that you can read when you hold it in your left hand? Yes, please.


A Guitar Lesson Book

If you’ve always wanted to learn to play guitar, there’s no time like the present. Pro-tip: pick a method book that is kind to your comfort. This highly reviewed beginner manual sets southpaws out on the right path to learning those coveted riffs.


A Portfolio Organizer

It’s hard enough to keep it together on big interviews or business meetings without feeling out of sorts because your materials are on the wrong side for you. An ambidextrous organizer is the perfect solution to help you get your life. And look so stylish, too.


A Proper Measuring Tape

If you ever need to measure a non-flat surface, like a person's measurements when shopping for them online, a proper measuring tape like the one tailors use can save you on more than one occasion. This one reads from right to left which makes it super convenient for lefties to use.


A Can Opener

For those of you who are manual can opener stans, crank to your heart’s content with this bright orange gadget. For bonus points, ask family and friends to use it and watch their confusion before they realize it's not oriented for dextral people. They may never figure it out.


A Pretty Mug

Even if you aren’t a heavy tea or coffee drinker, everyone needs a gorgeous mug in their cabinet. Cozy up to a mug lovingly crafted to keep your favorite hand nice and warm. They have so many different color variations, you might want to get more than one.


A Vegetable Peeler

I used to feel somewhat silly saying I hated peeling vegetables because I found it ridiculously tedious. But apparently I could have blamed it on my cheap peeler all along. This genius ceramic tool swivels and is southpaw-friendly, so now no one in your household needs to suffer for potato salad.


A Decent Oven Mitt

Slip on this fun, polka-dotted oven mitt that your kids might like even more than you do. Now you can stop being irritated whenever you have to deal with a hot oven using a mitt made for righties. (I don't think anybody could be grumpy wearing a purple, dotted glove, to be honest.)


Carpenter’s Measuring Tape

A basic retractable measuring tape is great for when you need to buy furniture and don't want to find out on delivery day that it's too big for your living space. Amazing how something so simple as printing measurements on an opposite orientation makes a difference. Little accommodations mean everything when you're not used to tools being created for your needs.


A Dependable Paring Knife

A paring knife is one of those ubiquitous kitchen tools that every cook needs in their arsenal, according to Plated. With its sharp blade and comfortable handle, this southpaw essential is a no-brainer. Might as well get one that feels good while you're doing all that slicing.


A Gorgeous Watch

You deserve to have an elegant watch specifically designed to be tuned by lefties. Wearing this showstopper, be sure to stare extra hard at your wrist when someone asks you for the time. That beautiful rose gold tone will make the right-handers in your life wish they could wear it.