21 Life After Baby Memes That Sum Up New Motherhood Perfectly

Most moms are prepared to deal with the pain of labor. They may even be bracing themselves for the sleepless nights that come along with having a newborn. But there are a lot of things about motherhood that may come as a surprise, and may make you cry. Luckily there are plenty of memes out there meant to make you laugh at the things that make this job one of the hardest around. The Internet is full of life after baby memes that take a lighter look at some of the less glamorous parts of the job, like lack of sleep, lack of time, and a to-do list that could fill up a few notebooks.

If you're feeling like you're in a little over your head, don't cry yourself to sleep. If you've had a baby, you've already proven that you're pretty tough. Remember, as a mom, you're a part of a sisterhood of women who are all doing the best they can to stay sane and keep their kids safe. There is no such thing as a perfect mom. The most important thing is to keep a good sense of humor. So take a break and check out the memes on this list — and then pay it forward by sharing them with another mom who needs a good laugh.


Their Face Will Say It All

You will wish your baby could tell you what's on their mind... until they can.


No Time For The Phone

They will save up all of their crying for the moment you decide to make a phone call.


Sniff Before You Touch

You will have to ask.


Laugh Away The Tears

Try to find the humor in everything.


Coffee Is Life

When you're a mom, no coffee is ever big enough.


Kiss The Club Goodbye

Kids have no regard for your social life. Either stay at home or learn to cook with a hangover.


Everyday Is Laundry Day

Remember when you could save all of the washing for the weekend? Yeah, me either.


The Aging Affect

You will find gray hairs in places you never thought you would.


What's Sleep?

By now, you know that you will be tired all the time. Unfortunately, baby will have no regard for this... at all.


The Baby Language

You will find yourself constantly trying to figure out what the heck your toddler is talking about.


Call For Backup

When they're not fighting, it can actually be helpful to have more than one kid.


The Many Hats Of Mom

If you thought being a mom was all about cooing at your baby and tickling her little toes, think again.


Time To Leave

You'll never be on time for anything ever again.


Sleep Over Everything

You may want to stay up and finish that book, but you'll be sorry tomorrow.


Throw Away The Manual

Every kid is different, so just throw something up against the wall and see what sticks.


Everything Is A Competition

Your kid won't decide they want something until their sibling wants it first.


So Long Sex?

If given the choice, you will most likely choose sleep over sex.


Queen Of Warnings

Toddlers will test your limits. The counting is just as much for you as it is for them.


Don't Believe The Hype

That annoyingly perfect mom with the happy Facebook posts? She's just as miserable as you are.


Being Tired Is Your New Way Of Life

You'll even be tired on the weekends.


Welcome Home

You don't have a lot of time to shop, so Target will inevitably become your favorite one-stop shop.