21 Creative Matching Tattoo Ideas That Stray From The Norm

From friendship bracelets to matching t-shirts, there are plenty of sweet ways to commemorate your close relationships. But when you know a relationship will last forever, an accessory may not be enough to symbolize that bond. You'll want to get something with more significant and permanent, like a personalized, matching tattoo ideas to share with a loved one.

Choosing the right tattoo design is always crucial, but it's especially important when it comes to matching tattoos. If you don’t feel comfortable getting the tattoo your friend or partner picked out, don't feel pressured to get it. If you decide to go through with a design, both parties should also have an equal say with the tattoo artist and placement. After all, the tattoo process should feel right when you get inked with the right person.

Now that tattoos are less stigmatized and more popular, there are hundreds of stylish, creative tattoo designs all over Instagram that are worth emulating. Even if you're a minimalist and your partner prefers large tattoos, you don't have to sacrifice your own personal style by getting slightly different versions of the same tattoo idea. With so many ways to personalize that goes beyond commitment-heavy tattoos, like each other's names or faces, some matching tattoo designs can even stand alone. Because there's no limit when coming up with tattoo ideas, check out these tattoos that’ll make you book an appointment with your S.O., best friend, sister, or mom.


Colorful Cocktails

Sipping a nice, cool cocktail is arguably best enjoyed with a close friend, and these colorful, adorable tattoos are nice reminders to unwind once in awhile.



Elephant tattoos have been everywhere recently, and although the tattoo symbolizes many things, it’s known for portraying family ties and ancestral lines, according to FMag. For matching tattoos with a deep meaning, get this detailed, artistic version of the elephant tattoo with your mom.



Make it official with your S.O. by getting these mix and match quote tattoos.


Graphic Waves

These wave tattoos are perfect for the adventurous pair with a love for all things nautical.


Red And Black Roses

Tiny, dainty floral tattoos are quite the trend, and it’s easy to see why. For a romantic twist, get these black and red rose tattoos with your S.O. for a simple but pretty ink.


Matching Sun Tattoos

For something that’ll make you and your best friend smile, these tiny, matching sunshine tattoos are sure to do the trick.


Moon Tattoos

A tattoo doesn’t have to have some deep, philosophical meaning; it’s perfectly OK to get one solely based on a design you like. These cute moon tattoos, for instance, are simple yet delightful for a subtle, mother-daughter tattoo.


Bow And Arrow With Flowers

For a fun spin on the flower tattoo, take note of these matching, bow and arrow floral tattoos. The details and watercolor effects of the tattoos make for a unique, eye-catching art.


Paper Planes

Whether it symbolizes a mutual love for writing or a long-distant love, these cute, paper plane tattoos are the perfect way to connect you to someone you care about.


Heartbeat Line

Keep a loved one close to your heart by getting their actual heart rate inked on your body. Because everyone has different heart rates, there’s multiple ways to express originality with this design.


Moon And Mountain Tattoo

Channel your inner artist with a creative, bold spin on the moon tattoo. The mountains inked inside of the moon make great tattoos for the nature-inspired pair.



Sometimes less is more, and showing off your love with a simple “XO” text is enough.


Matching Bikes

What makes a friend special are the one-of-a-kind, inside jokes and stories you can always look back on. Capture a sweet memory between you and your best friend with an object that best represents that moment.



This tattoo is fitting for a mother-daughter duo, as butterflies are associated with beauty and female empowerment, according to FMag.


Pinky Promise

As a kid, you might’ve pinky swore with your best friend after confiding secrets with each other. You can throwback to that gesture with these adorable, pinky promise tattoos to symbolize your long-lasting friendship.


Heartbeat Line With Text

Here’s a customized version of the heartbeat tattoo: An outline of a heart connected with a heartbeat line and the words “forever” in script – perfect for the hopeless romantic.



Getting a tattoo of someone’s face can be too much of a commitment, but these creative, abstract tattoos of two faces are a simply, classy way to execute the same design.



Recreate the geometric shapes and structures of origami with these matching tattoos inspired by the traditional Japanese art form.


Sister Moon Tattoos

This artistic ink shows that there’s no limit when personalizing a tattoo. The half moons connected by the words "sisters," with the two girls on the swings are intricate yet full of meaning.



There’s something majestic about the delicate lines and stars of constellations that transfer so beautifully on skin. Getting a constellation tattoo of your best friend’s zodiac sign is a great homage to him or her.



If you’re feeling regal, get these crown tattoos to let others know that you’re the only queen for your king.