21 Parenting Tweets About Grocery Shopping That Any Mom Can Feel


When I was a kid, hearing my mom say "I'm going to the grocery store" was music to my ears. My sister was never into heading out with my mom on the weekly grocery run, but my brother and I were always excited because we knew that we could sneak an extra treat in there that wasn't on the list by going. Though my mom enjoyed the company, having two kids along while grocery shopping had to have been a lot. So, when I see parenting tweets about grocery shopping, I picture my mom being in their shoes and automatically empathize with how they may feel.

For us, it was always fun grocery shopping with my mom because she did her best to make it that way. We would play games together to see who could spot the item we needed first and guesstimate the amount we would spend when we got up to the register. I'm sure it wasn't the easiest taking us to the grocery store with us, but we did our best to behave and listen to what she needed from us to make the trip a success. Of course we didn't nail it every time, but that's what being a kid is all about, right?

See what parenting while grocery shopping is really about in these 21 tweets below.

1. Sleeping Beauties

Too real.

2. Go For The Gold

Why didn't anyone think of this sooner?

3. Worst Lie Ever

It worked though.

4. Coffee Mania

Go the full length, moms.

5. Pick Your Poison

Grocery shopping always wins.

6. Emotional Disaster

I would cry, too.

7. Excitement

It definitely happens.

8. Who Needs Cooking?

Pizza wins all the time.

9. Toddler Problems

I bet the fruit snacks didn't get that reaction.

10. Balancing Act

Not sure how mom's do it.

11. Truth Revealed

You'll see it all.

12. Parenting Profiles

Why hasn't this happened yet?

13. Whatever Works

Just keep your sanity.

14. Overspending

Eat before you get there.

15. Double Standards

Nod a mom up when you see her doing her thing in the grocery store next time.

16. Super Mom

This is really everything.

17. Amazing Baby

Back it up a bit, please.

18. Pick And Choose

Which one is more important right now?

19. Birth Control


20. Pro Tip

Double feed the baby, just in case.

21. Sleep Life

This is how you multitask.