21 Parenting Tweets That Show What The Holidays Are Really Like


Christmas is here,and it seems like the holiday came quicker than expected. If you're a parent, I'm sure that the holiday snuck up on you even faster. With handling the stresses last-minute shopping and most likely doing it with your kids in tow, finding a way to get a little laughter in is super important. That's why this week's roundup of parenting tweets are made just for you.

Though many people will say that they enjoy the holiday season in its entirety, parents understand the stress and chaos that come along with it. From bumper-to-bumper traffic to packed stores, the Christmas season can be more than overwhelming for parents. I see this through my sister and her husband every year for my niece. Christmas is truly a wonderful time of year, but parents are totally entitled to feeling a certain type of way and not feel judged one bit. Sure, I'm not a parent yet, but I definitely understand that there's chaos in the season and it can definitely drive any parent nuts.

So, if you've ever thought you were alone in feeling like you wanted it to pass, these 21 tweets prove that you're completely not on your own.

1. Wrapping Night

It happens.

2. Holiday Tips

And watch them squirm.

3. Bedtime

For me and for you.

4. Christmas Cards

Well, that's one way to keep it real.

5. Santa Who?

Clothes and shoes just aren't interesting enough to them.

6. Secret Messages

We all need a little smile.

7. Bad Timing

Talk about bad luck.

8. Crowds Of Fun

Not really.

9. Elf On The Shelf

When the elf gets all the love.

10. Surprise!

Just kidding.

11. Happy Days


12. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Can we order online?

13. Christmas Wishes

Can we make this happen?

14. Christmas Miracles

They do exist.

15. Samesies

Well, at least they know both songs exist. It's the little things.

16. When Your Life Changes

Dad life on 100.

17. Braveheart

I salute you.

18. Miracle On Children Street

Santa came early, clearly.

19. Tricks Then Treats

It's OK to laugh.

20. Self Shopping

I mean, why not?

21. Gifts For Two

Or three in this case.