21 Parenting Tweets That Will Make You Celebrate Making It Into 2017


New Year, same tweets. With 2017 finally here and moving along, you have to appreciate the fact that, if you're reading this, you successfully survived 2016. If you're a parent, knowing that you lived to fight another day — especially if you have a toddler — is more than enough reason to celebrate a bit. Even if you don't feel the need to celebrate, looking at the parenting tweets used to kick off the New Year are a reminder that you should be celebrating life a little more than before.

Though your experience as a parent may not be exactly the same as those who chronicle their lives through tweets, there's always going to be something that you can relate to. Whether it's talking in a different accent to get your toddler's attention or going to an appointment just to get some alone time, every parent — mom or dad — has felt at least one of these tweets in real time and should remind you that you're doing a great job at being a parent. Regardless of how much you question your ability to slay the parenting day, knowing that there are other parents for you to relate to should be more than enough reason to celebrate kicking off 2017 as a kick ass parent.

Take a look at the 21 tweets below.

1. Now You're Speaking Their Language

Sounds legit.

2. Put Your Dukes Up

I feel you.

3. Flashing Lights

Good reasoning.

4. Crazy

What was I thinking?

5. Mom Life, Yo

Real life.

6. Personal Time

We all need that time.

7. Wild Child

Is this quality time or parent abuse?

8. Ready To Roll

You gotta do what you gotta do.

9. Adulting

Grown ups do grown-up things.

10. Life Over

Crossed a boundary, mom.

11. Game Time Decisions

Just go home.

12. The Discussion

That's what you call compromise.

13. New Smells

Eau de barfume

14. My Cup Runneth Over

This is why we coffee.

15. Late Nights


16. Second Look

You never know what you might sit in.

17. Money In The Bank

"He got moneyyyyyy"

18. Quality Time


19. Adult Daycare

We need it.

20. Jealousy

And that's totally OK.

21. Me Time

Yes for the mom cave.