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21 Parenting Tweets That'll Give You All The Feels


Parenting can go from "I love this" to "Why did this ever happen to me?" in less than three seconds. Though I can't speak from personal experience, many of my friends are parents and seem to have a button that switches between the two experiences throughout the day. My sister, who is dealing with a toddler, is a perfect example of how hectic life as a parent can be. And when I read various parenting tweets on the internet, I understand her experience more and more.

Although I'm not there every single day with my niece, when reading through the slew of parenting tweets, all I could say was "yup, this is real." Kids can totally light up your world, but they can also cause you to question if you have a multiple personality disorder, too. They'll make you laugh, cry, scream, and smile, but there's no denying the impact they have on your life. So, regardless of how crazy they may make you feel at times, one thing will never change: they warmness they make you feel when they come around you.

If you feel where I'm coming from, then this week's list of 23 tweets is definitely for you.

1Imagine Me

Tough life.

2Try Again

About that life.


At least somebody finds it funny.


Already getting the idea.


Sounds good to me.


Let's see how long she'll last.

7Cookie Monster

They'll learn this time.

8Mom Brain

It's hard out here.

9TheLast Supper

Eating level: 100.

10Invasion Of Privacy

Use your time wisely.

11Best Parenting Tip Ever

Truer words have never been spoken.

12Messy Situations

Or prepare for the consequences.

13Losing Your Mind

Can I have it back already?

14Merry Christmas

Better the kids than the pets.

15Drunk Octopus

Well that's one way to put it.


I think not.

17Petty Life

Sometimes you just gotta do it.

18Selective Reasoning

You can't always get what you want.

19Snack Time


20Hidden Figures

"Spit it out, NOW!"

21Everybody Loves A Snack

Even if it's at one in the morning.